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What Job suits me ???-- Work with me in Travel !

Updated on July 22, 2011

Are you having a hard time choosing the type of job you want or think would suit you ?

What do you hope to achieve in your life within the next three years?

Do I suit working for a boss or for myself ?

Or even in the next year. work out your career ambitions and what you'd like to find in a dream job.

Make sure your resume is up to date with relevant details suited to the position you are looking for.

If not find someone who can help you do one that is up to date and professional.

Have a chat to an employment agency for some helpful guidance with your resume,

What you are qualified for and would suit you!

First of all to determine what job would suit you and what job you would suit ask yourselves these questions .

Camphosts at National Park

Questions to ask yourself.


1. Am I conservative & quiet or outgoing & love talking to people ?

2. Do I enjoy sitting down all day or am I happier being on the move ?

3. Can I be happy doing paperwork or would I rather be out digging holes ?

4. Do I need to be given set times to be at work or can I handle being responsible for when I work ?

5. Do I enjoy talking on the phone or am I happier working on my own ?

6. Do I like caring for others ?

7. If I could do anything at all what am I really passionate about in life ?

8. Am I prepared to spend time training or do I want to start earning straight away?

9. Am I prepared to earn less so as be happy in a job or am I after as much money as I can make in the shortest time ?

10. Would I consider part time work while I study for a position I really want ?

11.Do I want a job with responsibility as a leader ?

12. Is my interest in sporty outdoor activities ?

13. Am I creative with my hands & love making things ?

14. Does being a teacher/trainer appeal ?

15 ? Would I like my job to be an extension of my hobby ?

16. Do I want a long term career or just earn some money now ?

There are hundreds of different jobs out there so I will give you some links for examples of careers you might like to try for.

As I have an outgoing personality I have worked as an

Insurance sales rep.

with this you get 2 weeks training at a city location with free accommodation.

It is a commission based job & you need to be self motivated with your own car & phone.

You make your own appointments and call on people in their own homes .


I have worked in a bakery/cafe . They don’t sell fresh bread and buns which is a shame as its the only bakery in a very large area.

I arrived at work at 10 am Monday, 10,30 Wed & Friday.

As soon as I stepped in the door its was all go – full on .

Some days i started with a ton of dishes to wash or a list of food to make like meatballs, garden salad, chicken schnitzel and more .

While doing them orders for takeaway food come in for chips, burgers and more so I have to stop what I am doing

And help with them .

It gets confusing and sometimes mistakes are made as I find it difficult doing so many things at once for someone.

If you don't mind a really fast pace, love cooking, doing dishes , sweeping floors and mopping a large area near the end of your shift you might like this job!

What is your job situation ?

What are you looking for right now ? Do you really want a job or prefer to work for yourself ?

See results

Spanish Speaking Person needed

Do you speak Spanish ? Resorts360 is now available in Spanish & I am looking for people to work with me promoting the site in Spanish ASAP.

Are you outgoing or quiet ?!

Can you see yourself doing this or  do prefer to be in the background?!
Can you see yourself doing this or do prefer to be in the background?!


If you enjoy  talking on the phone  to strangers for hours on end ,speak well & just want a job then this might work well for you while doing part time study or longer hours to earn good money.

You can earn good money if you are friendly , persuasive ..and not worried about being talked to rudely.

One of the good things about telemarketing is you can often choose your hours between morning/afternoon or evening shifts


Need someone in Perth ASAP -- Job in Perth

There are people out there who really find it difficult having a boss and this type of person

are often more suited to working from home for themselves.

I am looking for someone who loves travel, holidays, has a computer , phone and would love to help people save on their holidays !

work own hours and recieve great commission on sales.

Selling Holiday Club Memberships

Join me in promoting a travel club can be joined from $795 and get great savings !

See link at top!

Save on Resorts



Earn between $200- $1000 a sale

Camp hosts at a national park !

If you have a few weeks spare and like camping you might be able to be fortunate enough to get a camphost position at a National Park !

Again you need to like meeting new people and helping them , however it is a good job for those who like the outdoors!

Where to look for a job

Make sure you register with online Job sites such as

Career One


job search gov

My Career , leave your resumes online

Register at Job agencies in your area so they can help look for jobs that will suit you.

Also check out in your city.

Local newspapers , The Trading post etc

Jobs to try !



dog washer



bag repairer


garbage man


 Swimming Instructor



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    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 7 years ago

      Pretty sound advice. I think this should be required reading to all us still hunting for a job right now.