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What Makes An Interesting Job Seeker

Updated on September 12, 2015

If you’re applying for some time now and you noticed that the hiring manager is not giving you enough attention when applying, then probably you are not as interesting as you think you are.

If you have the ideas on how you can make yourself interesting when applying, then you’ll get the right attention and interest, which will boost your chances of getting hired. You must have a plan on how you will create your resume or answer the questions in your interview.

Aside from that, you need to get the information if you’ll get the chance of getting hired and even find assistance to your network so that you'll get a lot of chance to get hired. I'll elaborate it further for you.

What must I have to be interesting to my future employer?

What the employers need varies a lot from different person, but generally they follow a certain pattern. They always look for skills, your past work experiences, and why you want to apply to their company or why you want a career shift.

If you can identify these three things and provide a logical answer connected to the job you are applying for, then you’ll have a better chance to get the employer's interest.

Can I apply to all their job offers?

Yes and No. Apply only to the job that is suited to your skills and expertise. They will ask you about your past work experience and you want to show them that you have experience right?

If you are eager enough to work with their company and there are no job vacancies for your expertise, you can apply for a lesser job or entry level job, just to get your feet wet and get hired in their company. If they have a promotion program in placed in their system, then in a few months or if a position is open, you'll be the first choice to fill it up.

Can I ask people about their experience during an interview in the company I'm interested to apply?

You need to ask them. Getting information from their experience gives you an idea and prepares yourself what to expect. If you don’t know a friend or anybody that you can ask, you can google it. Experience is still the best teacher, and getting information from the experience of others are great way to learn what to expect and prepare for it.

Is it ok to follow up the result of the interview?

I encourage you to follow up the result. Don’t just wait for their call. Besides, whenever they said: "We'll just call you", doesn't necessarily mean they don’t need you. You can still change their mind if you show them that you’re interested. Finding out the result of the interview shows that you are interested.

Is the internet the best way to look and apply for a job?

No. You must get out there and visit their office. Everybody is doing the same thing - Applying online. Be different. Show them that you are interested to work with them and that you want to know how it feels to work in their office so it is better to go out there and visit them

Print as much resume that you will submit. If the receptionist in their office says they don’t accept walk in applicants, just leave your resume with them. Get the name of the receptionist so you’ll know who to look for the next time you follow up.

Can I use Social Media to apply for a job?

Yes you can. You have a big network, and your friends have lots of big network as well. So, let your friends know that you are looking for a job and they will refer you to people who have direct access to hiring manager looking for your expertise

What if I don’t have the right skills they need?

Then it's time to learn new skills. Investing on your education has a better result and chances of success. It makes you versatile and makes your life interesting as well.

The next time they ask you to do a job outside the scope of your job description, don’t hold back. Accept it so that you'll learn how to do it. If you think that it is going to benefit you in the future, ask for a certification that you've done a project like that. This helps a lot as proof of experience.

Never limit your horizon. Think of 5 to 10 years ahead so that you'll get a bigger picture of what you want to have in your career. Learn from others so that you won’t commit the same mistakes that they did.

Also, be creative in your job hunting. Showing employers that you are interesting is easy if others are talking about you (this is called referral system). So to get you started remember this pointers I have discussed and this will fire up other ideas that can make you an interesting job seeker.


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