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What Should You Know About Recruitment Process?

Updated on October 5, 2015

These days, several big and small firms rely on the use of Internet as a source of recruitment. Gone are the days, when recruiters are required to go through a long procedure of attracting, selecting and appointing appropriate candidates for various job positions.


What do you mean by Recruitment?

Recruitment is basically a process of searching for prospective employees. Under this process, the recruiters inspire and encourage various job seekers to apply for the job positions in their organization. People who are usually involved in developing effective recruitment strategies involve:

  • Talent acquisition manager

  • Director of personnel

  • Recruiting manager

  • Human resource manager


Factors governing recruitment process

Some of the important factors that influence recruitment procedure involve:

  • Recruitment policy of the company

  • Size of the organization and number of employees employed

  • Recruitment cost and related expenses

  • Growth and expansion plans of the company

  • Company's repute and image in the job market

  • Demand and supply of particular skills in job market

Usually the selection process includes various steps, which include preliminary interview, selection tests (oral or written), employment interview, reference and background analysis, job offer and than a job contract (not compulsory in all job profiles).


Various sources of recruitment

Some of the essential sources that recruiters use for fulfilling the job positions in their organization are:

Current employees: The job market is becoming more competitive day by day and skill sets for various job positions continue to grow more diverse. This situation has made recruiters more selective in picking the candidates for specific positions. The most common strategy that employers employ is by conducting an initial recruitment and promoting the current employees. This not only saves the cost of recruitment and training but also leads to a controlled recruitment process under the concerned person.

Unsolicited applicants: People who keep on soliciting jobs from one place to another are usually known as unsolicited applicants. These applicants apply on their own for particular job positions in various companies. If they match the required skills and requirements of a particular job, they can be considered selected for further recruitment procedure.

Educational and professional institutions: Companies looking for direct talent can easily find a large number of candidates through various educational and professional institutions. Organizing campus selection programs in different institutes can bring high-quality talent that can contribute to an organization's success.

Public employment offices: Public employment offices are generally the government organizations that connects job hunters with employers. With the help of these agencies, employers can easily find people with required skills set.

E-recruitment: Nowadays, various job portals are playing the most important role in the recruitment process. These portals are beneficial for both the employers and employees. The main role of these online portals is to enlist the current job openings along with the job description and specifications. Job aspirants can register themselves to some reputable online job portal or look for the current job openings in their preferred field. Whereas, employers can easily search for the resumes posted on the portal that matches their job position requirements. CarrerBuilder is one of the most popular and reliable job portals in India used by most of the recruiters and job seekers.

Employee referrals: Employees referrals is another most important recruitment strategy preferred by the employers to fill a specific job position in their company. Employees who have experience in a particular area and enjoy a goodwill in the organization can recommend some people to fill the job vacancy.

Walk-ins: Walk-in interviews are also one of the most important recruitment strategies that help employers to narrow down the applicant pool. These types of interviews are conducted without an appointment or scheduled meeting.


Some interesting jobs search and recruitment facts

According to a survey conducted by ERE Media, on an average each job vacancy draws 150 resumes. Of which, 4 to 6 candidates are called for an interview and only 1 candidate will be offered the job.

  • As per the Glassdoor's survey, the important considerations that job hunters take into account before accepting job positions include salary structure, career growth opportunities, location, work-life balance and company culture. (Glassdoor survey, October 2014)

  • Around 79 percent job aspirants are likely to use social media channels for their job search. (Glassdoor survey, March 2013)

  • Around 86 percent people in the first 10 years of the career are likely to take help of social media channels for their job search. (Glassdoor survey, March 2013)

  • About 45 percent job hunters use mobile device particularly to search for jobs at least once a day. (Glassdoor survey, April 2014)

  • According to Glassdoor survey, April 2014, 54 percent people read company reviews and 52 percent people search for the salary information for particular job vacancies in a company

  • Around 89 percent, people believe that a mobile device is an important tool for job searching (Glassdoor survey, April 2014)

  • According to the survey conducted by NACE Survey, 2013, around 98 percent of organizations believe that on-campus fairs are still the best way to establish their brand awareness with students

  • While evaluating companies and job offers, around 67 percent of active and passive job hunters say that it is important for them that the particular organization has a diverse workforce. (Glassdoor survey, July 2014)

  • As per the survey conducted by Corporate Responsibility Magazine / Allegis Group Services Study, August 2012, 69 percent of people would not accept a job with an organization that had a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed.

  • 84 percent people would consider leaving their current jobs if they were offered a job opportunity in a company that had an excellent corporate reputation.

  • Around 76 percent, people want details on what makes the company an attractive place to work. (Glassdoor survey, October 2014)

  • Most job seekers go through 4 to 7 reviews before making an opinion of a company. (Glassdoor survey, October 2014)


Online recruitment techniques

As mentioned above in the post, e-recruitment is the most preferred way of recruitment, which is being adopted by so many recruiters throughout the globe. Using the internet as a source of recruitment:

  • Employers can provide a detailed description of the job with its specifications in order to attract candidates with right skills and knowledge
  • Job seekers can send their resumes that include all the necessary information through e-mail using internet
  • Prospective employees can select the specific resumes based on their requirements

Job portals being one of the most powerful recruitment techniques, assist both employers and job seekers in satisfying their needs. Various job portals provide resume scanner facility to various organizations as per their requirements. This scanner help in screening and filtering the resumes through different pre-defined criteria's such as qualifications, experience, skills, salary, etc.


How candidates can boost their job search?

In order to augment the job search, candidates are required to build a strong network. Various social media channels like Twitter and Facebook offer a great way to connect with various recruiters, industry leaders and hiring managers. An active engagement on these channels with help you to get all the latest information about current job openings as well as industry updates. Candidates can also share evidence of their excellent work on the sites with high traffic such as YouTube and Pinterest. These practices will surely help in enhancing your job search.

An impressive cover letter and resume with a powerful reference can allure recruiters to call you for the further interview process. However, your job search doesn't end here, you need to prove yourself outstanding from other candidates.


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