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What You Didn't Already Know About Forklift Mechanic Jobs

Updated on September 30, 2010

Forklift jobs refer to any jobs that are related to using or repairing a forklift. This is something that a lot of people don’t realize. They often think that they only forklift job that is available is the job of actually operating the forklift. Although this is the most common forklift job that you’ll find advertised there are actually several other different types of jobs that you can get which are related to forklifts. And even if you do choose to be a forklift operator what you’ll discover is that there are a lot of options open to you in regards to the types of companies that you work for and the areas in which you work. Forklift jobs are not as simple as they may seem at first glance!

Types of Forklift Jobs – Job Position

Some of the different types of forklift jobs that are available to people who are interested in working with this type of heavy machinery include:

• Forklift Operator. As I said, this is the forklift job that almost all of us think of when we look into forklift jobs. It’s also known as a forklift driver and of course it refers to being the person who operates the forklift at a job site. This is a job that you can get without any experience since there are employers who will train you to become a forklift operator. However, these days most companies are looking for forklift operators who have a couple of years of experience so it’s a lot easier to get these jobs once you’ve gained that valuable on-the-job training.

• Forklift Loader. This is someone who doesn’t necessarily drive the forklift but helps to load and unload the forklift. These people are often responsible for making sure that the orders that come in and go out are correct. This is a good job because it allows you to do some manual labor but also to do some paperwork so you get some variety in your activities throughout the day. This position is also sometimes known as “forklift materials handler”.

• Forklift Mechanic. One of the most unique jobs that is available to people who are interested in working with forklifts is the job of being a forklift mechanic. This is someone who understands mechanic repair on heavy machinery. This is a specialized mechanic job which allows you to work specifically on repairing and servicing forklifts. This can be a really terrific job because it’s so specialized. It’s also great because forklift mechanics can often get contracts to service all of the forklifts for a particular company. This means that once you start to get business you’re able to generate more business quickly. This position is also sometimes known as being a “forklift technician”.

• Customer Service for Forklift Company. Every company has positions within it that can be done by people who aren’t equipped to handle heavy machinery. You can work in sales, customer service or the reception desk of a forklift company. There are companies that sell forklifts, companies that use them as their primary tool of the job and companies that rent forklifts out. You could get a customer service job with any of these types of businesses.

Types of Forklift Jobs – Job Location

In addition to making a choice about which position you would like to have in a company that works with forklifts, you get to choose what type of setting you would like to work in. A good setting can really make a big difference in how much you like your job.

• Warehouse jobs. The majority of forklift jobs that are available are jobs that are located inside of warehouses. Almost all of the work entails moving items from inside of the warehouse to a truck located just outside of the warehouse. Since these are the most common jobs, these are the forklift jobs that most people apply to get. However, some people don’t want to work in warehouse jobs because they don’t like being stuck inside of a dark warehouse all day long.

• Outdoor forklift jobs. The other main option that you have is to work at an outdoor forklift job. Forklifts are used on construction sites and as part of some road construction projects. If you prefer to be outside rather than in a warehouse then you’ll want to keep your eye out for the kind of forklift jobs that will allow you to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

• Big company vs. small company. Finally, you’ll need to decide whether you want to work for a large company or a small one. Some people strongly prefer to work for a business that has only a few employees because it allows them to take on multiple roles and really get to know their co-workers. Other people like working with bigger businesses. It’s tough to be picky during a recession but it’s something to think about when you’re trying to choose which forklift jobs to apply for.

Training for Forklift Jobs

Just a short note about the training that is required for working at forklift jobs … Most forklift jobs allow you to get your training on the job. If this is what you desire then you would look for places that are hiring “unskilled” forklift operators. You also probably don’t need a lot of official training to get customer service or labor jobs. The one job that you will need training for is to be a forklift mechanic. People who are interested in this position, as well as people who want to be forklift drivers, can attend a local vocational school to get certified in this line of work which definitely makes it easier to get a job.


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    Nan 8 years ago

    Good article again, sharing the information on becoming a forklift operator. I didn't know about the small forlifts. I wonder if you have had any experience. Companies with boxes and lots of shipping have to have a forklift driver. It is a good job to try out for!