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What are the Different Types of Legal and Compliance Jobs?

Updated on March 17, 2013

Legal and compliance is a significant part of every organisation and every type of business. An organisation has various departments. It is the responsibility of a legal and compliance professional to develop and implement legal standards. Such professionals monitor and ensure that each department of the organisation follows the laws and regulations properly.

There are different types of jobs in this field. As an aspiring legal and compliance professional, you may choose to become a compliance specialist, chief compliance officer or legal and compliance administrative assistant. Relevant educational qualifications and skills will help you to achieve your desired role in this field.

Let us acquaint you with the different types of legal and compliance jobs.

Compliance specialist- companies employ specialists to carry out compliance research and analysis. This is important to keep track of the regulations of a company and assist in the crucial operations. The professional who performs this significant role is called a compliance specialist.

As a compliance specialist, you will be entrusted with research and evaluation work and also certain managerial duties. Your job description will involve

  • Reviewing the conformity of procedures and rules
  • Evaluating the regulatory compliance position of the company
  • Overseeing the company’s compliance records
  • Managing projects that deal with compliance
  • Collaborating with high-ranking professionals like product managers and sales managers
  • Working closely with compliance managers and professionals from related fields

Therefore, the role of a compliance specialist is important for a company.

Chief compliance officer- like in the case of a compliance specialist, a company also requires an expert to manage their legal compliance programs. Chief compliance officer is that professional. The main duty of a chief compliance officer lays in the analysis of different compliance issues. Such professionals make sure that each employee of the company is following the set rules and regulations. Many other duties are included in the job description of this high-level professional such as

  • Devising, implementing, maintaining and modifying the company’s policies for their compliance programs
  • Ensuring the conformity to the conduct codes
  • Monitoring that employees demonstrate appropriate behaviour and preventing any unsuitable behaviour
  • Managing daily operations of the company related to the compliance programs
  • Working with various departments of the company to concentrate on compliance issues
  • Coordinating with corporate legal professionals to deal with complex legal compliance issues

Employers emphasise on experienced and highly qualified candidates for the position of chief compliance officer. Therefore, you need to consider these two essentials qualities while applying for this position.

Legal and compliance administrative assistant- these professionals perform a wide variety of tasks. Starting from organising meetings to managing clerical functions for legal and compliance managers- a legal and compliance administrative assistant handles several duties. As a prospective legal and compliance administrative assistant, you need to be prepared to

  • Handle phone calls and record messages
  • Organise large group meetings
  • Manage a number of files that contain important information
  • Prepare crucial documents
  • Assist senior professionals in the execution of legal and compliance projects

Apart from these, you may also be required to manage travel plans for client meetings.

These three are the most challenging and rewarding career paths in the legal and compliance field.

What are the requirements for these legal and compliance roles?

The minimum educational qualification is a degree in law. Advanced degrees are valued. After you complete your education in law, you may pursue a degree in business administration. This will strengthen your knowledge base and make you a competent candidate. Government agencies recruit licensed professionals only for these roles.

Legal and compliance jobs are well-paid. Many companies provide their legal and compliance professionals with benefits such as health insurance and pension.


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