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What are the stocks?

Updated on March 2, 2014

Stocks represent a portion of a
company. The total package of shares in a
company is its capital. Who owns a share
a company owns the percentage
this action represents the company.
As a shareholder of the company you can
attend meetings, learn about projects,
access and balance sheets presented in
Most of the cases, comment, suggest and vote
by decisions about the future of this
company. By buying shares
also acquire rights to
company which is a shareholder.
Today it is common to offer the
investors a clear dividend policy.
For example, some companies
distributed cash per share
that one has of it and find an investor
can know what is the amount of your
dividend as this is announced
advance and is based on a comprehensive
cash flow analysis of the company.
Other duties would be dividends
actions, where for every action one
will have a certain amount of
new shares of that or any other company
group. It also has the right
preferentially Subscriptions,

giving the investor the opportunity to acquire
more shares at a relatively lower
than originally listed on the
Obviously the companies and their decisions are
extremely dynamic and day after day
seeking new and better strategies, so
which always exist possibilities
more or less attractive investment.
The great advantage is that an investor has
can change your investment portfolio
whenever and as often as you want and
only a phone call or an order
electronics, can increase
interest in an enterprise, decrease,
switch to another or just get rid
of everything and take your money.
It is important to note some
elementary aspects when deciding on
"Knowing the company and some of its history.
-Analyze the industry and its development over
all be clear about your investor profile,
which will give us a clear indication of
steps and the sector where
develop ourselves.

basically runs the market.
If a large number of investors see
that certain companies will have better
results in their next balances,
will surely be in high demand
actions and in turn short supply, which
oblige those who wish to purchase to pay
premium price for them. Conversely,
when a company shows signs of
demotion, surely holders
actions will decide it's time
made of money trying to sell, in this
case will be more supply than demand
which prices tend to fall.
This game is one that allows the movement
daily price and is based purely and
solely on supply and demand. Tan
simple as that.
If we clear what the situation and
sense to invest in a stock market
and if at this point, the issue sparked his
interest, we invite you to continue knowing
this exciting world from these

What Are The Stock Exchange and the market?


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