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What are the job requirements for a security guard?

Updated on August 7, 2015

If you are planning to get a security guard’s job, you must first receive security trainingsform any of the public university, college or institute. Like any other job, security guard must also have a specific duty to perform. So, the training should be in line with the job you have been applying for. It prepares you for the particular task and improves the skills in such relevant area.

Besides this, job description is another factor, which plays a vital role in making you a truly professional way. Since each security guard is assigned a particular task, hence the job description is essential to get training with respect to the requirements associated with a certain job. Therefore, these and some other elements must be taken into account before seeking security trainings.

Now let’s come to the basic discussion of this article, which unfold the necessary job requirements of a security guard.

To guard people and assets

The security guard is supposed to guard the people and assets within specific premises. In order to achieve this goal he may use force for apprehending or evicting the violators, if they are causing any threat to the persons or property. Therefore, you, must have a proper understanding that how to secure the area from possible threats. This is the main reason why guards are bound to get security trainings before joining the squad.

Must have basic Knowledge about security equipment

A security guard should have necessary know how about the equipment generally used for the security purpose. This would help to keep such equipment in a good shape and in perfect working condition. For, instance some security guards are required to drive an armored vehicle for transporting cash in a secure way. So if such a guard is not familiar with the functions and features of this kind of vehicle, it is not possible for him/her to perform the required task in a desired manner.

Report writing

This is one of the most pivotal parts of security trainings, as it allows the guard to write regular reports concerning routine activities or about any other irregular circumstances including, damage done t the property, theft, fraud or valid suspicion regarding presence of unauthorized person over a certain area. For this purpose, guards are given necessary training to enhance their report writing skills.

Communication skills

Security guards must have required level of communication skills, as they are supposed to deal with different people during their duty hours. He/ she should have knowledge that how to deal with a person and what are the requirements in this regard. The ability to speak native language is essential as it is the first and most important requirement when a guard is performing assigned duty at a specific place.

Knowledge of basic law and rules

Security guard needs to gain acquaintance with the general law of the country and in some cases rules of a particular organization. By assuring this fact during security trainings, a security guard may learn to deal with every situation in a lawful manner.


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