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What is Content Writing? Make money by becoming a Freelance Writer

Updated on August 9, 2017

A Tutorial on content writing courtesy: Youtube

What is Content Writing?

Content Writer is a person who develops relevant content for websites. They are also called as Freelance Writers. Every website is based on a particular subject and is targeted towards a particular audience. The genre and quality of content also varies from one website to another. Mostly, content writers are employed for online marketing. The content writer has to design attractive content for the advertisement for which he may get inputs from market research from the owner or manager. For example, if someone is going to start an Organic produce firm, they may need content writers to create a website showcasing the benefits of Organic products as well as marketing content to promote the product. Some website content may be academic or informational. Such writers should have fair knowledge about the subject as well. Apart from websites, content writing is also used in print form. Generally, the company or employer will inform the purpose and requirement to the writer and provide him/her with keywords on which she/he will need to write upon.

Digital access is fast growing and there is a big demand for content writers as more people are taking their business over the internet. There is growing demand for content writers in India. In many cases, companies will outsource the Content writing job to individuals or copywriting agencies. Such agencies also handle associated services like Translation, Proof reading, Design and fact checking. E-commerce sites are offering many content writing jobs today.

Skills of a Content Writer: A content writer must be well versed in English. If the website is based upon a regional or foreign language, then proficiency in that language is necessary. The writer must include relevant keywords that are relevant to the things users are searching over the internet. Content must be suitable for Search engine optimization (SEO) so that adequate traffic is attracted by the site. This in turn results in increased revenue to the owner. The content must be of high-quality and beneficial to the users. Only then they will translate into customers.

How much is one paid: It depends upon the employer and nature and quality of the article. In India, writers are paid a minimum of Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per article. Elaborate and professional contents are paid higher. Some companies pay as high as Rs. 1000 or above per article. In the US, most writers earn between $10 to $20 per hour. Content Writing doesn’t consume much time. Therefore it can be done as a Part-time job also

Proof Reading jobs

Proof Reading is the process of checking content before printing or publishing. Proof Reading is done after editing to check for any errors in the content. Proof readers will have to check for spelling and grammatical errors. Proof readers must pay close attention to every detail. They must ensure that there are no page breaks, the layout is attractive and that the text is positioned properly. Journalism is a field that requires quality Proof readers.

There is no specific qualification for a proof reader. However, if one possess knowledge or has a degree or diploma in Publishing, digital Media etc it would be helpful. Similarly, a science or technical degree would be helpful in proofreading academic material. In India, BA graduates with English Literature are generally preferred for non-specialised Content writing as well as proofreading jobs

As the internet expands and more and more businesses try to occupy the digital space, there is more scope for advertising and demand for proof readers jobs. A company's success depends largely upon its marketing and hence devising quality content to attract customers becomes its primary goal.

How to become a professional Content Writer?

Join any organisation or work as a Freelance Writer: Many companies in India are offering Content Writing jobs. One can even work from home. You can search for Content Writing or Proof Reading jobs on online portals like, etc. You can even search online for content writing jobs. But there are many fake sites. So Beware of them

There are many companies which directly offer content writing jobs to freelancers. Ideally, you can start by contacting one of them. First you may have to provide a sample content based on the particular domain you have expertise with. For ex, if you wish to write content for a client in the journalism business, you need to first prepare a catchy, subject-rich content with good vocabulary to impress the client. If the client finds your writing good, they will hire you. If you are an experienced writer, you can demand a better pay scale based on your knowledge and years of experience. I have a friend who writes articles for a fitness magazine and earns a handsome sum each month. Big companies pay up to Rs 5000 for a two-page article to writers who write regularly for them.

Technical writers get paid even more. A friend of mine who is a domain expert in the automobile industry writes regularly for top automobile magazines like Autocar, CV etc and gets a huge income each month. Of course, he has very good subject knowledge and keeps track of every development in the auto industry for many years now. Hiring such an established writer is a bonus for journalism business because readers prefer articles of experts and hence more revenue for the company as well.

Following are some popular online sites to find content writing jobs

Start your own sites and make money

Instead of joining a company, you can create your own sites and write content. You could use free community content writing platforms like Blogger,Wordpress, Hubpages etc to write content on subjects of your choice. Wordpress is a better platform as if offers lots of functionalities to users and webpages can be designed as per individual requirement

You can monetize your content through affiliate programs like Adsense, Amazon or eBay. However, you need adequate patience for this. You need to work hard for months before you could start accruing revenue.

Write Product reviews

Writing product reviews is another way to make money. You have to be patient with this and once you gain knowledge about products and the art of writing catchy reviews, you can make some good money. You can create your own website and write product reviews or just write on blogs. Once people recognize you as a expert reviewer, your market will go up and companies will seek you to promote their products. You can make use of their affiliate programs as well. eBay, Amazon etc offer affiliate memberships to online publishers. There is no compulsion to write only positive feedback of products. Companies will accept unbiased review of their products as they generally look to sell only the best products to customers and remove the sub-standard ones, thereby increase their profitability.

I have written a separate hub on how to become a product reviewer. You could go through the same to gain complete knowledge about product reviewing.


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    • JvicIndia profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago from India

      Hope this article is helpful to all..

    • JvicIndia profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago from India

      Hope this article is helpful to all..

    • JvicIndia profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago from India

      Hope this article is helpful to all..


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