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What is a Career Counselor?

Updated on June 1, 2011

Finding a career counselor

Some people label themselves as "Career Counselors" when they really are not. A legitimate career counselor will charge a fee by the hour or session, anywhere from $25 up to $300. Beware of "career marketers" who will collect thousands of dollars from a person up front, with claims of guaranteed job placement. There is no way anyone can guarantee finding a job for you. They may write a resume for you and schedule a few interviews, but this is hardly worth thousands of dollars. A true career counselor can help you to explore careers by interpreting assessment instruments and with other techniques, and assist you in developing a plan of action. They will also help to create a job search strategy, and provide you with new ways of looking for a position. In addition, a career counselor can work with clients on various career issues such as negotiating a salary. Also, some career counselors are professsional resume writers, and provide this service for a one-time fee. Again, beware of anyone who "guarantees" job interviews if you use their services.

Most colleges and universites have career centers that employ trained and experienced career counselors. However, for others, there are several websites where one can find legitimate career counselors. Two are: and

Be sure to speak with a counselor on the phone before scheduling an appointment; find out if the person is a good fit and can assist you in reaching your own personal goals.


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