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What is article marketing – How to Produce Super Traffic

Updated on January 20, 2013
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Article marketing explained

Did you ever ask yourself, “What is article marketing?” Working in unison with publishing posts or pages is the art of article marketing. Article marketing is an effective way to drive free targeted traffic to your websites pages while increasing your rankings in the search engines too.

When you’re high in the search engine’s people see your site quicker than others, resulting in more clicks and more eyeballs on your website. Visitors are what we’re all looking for as website or business owners. People who ask “what is article marketing,” don’t know much about marketing let alone article marketing, but luckily writing articles and submitting them to article directories is easy. Here are some speedy ways to get super traffic for free implementing article marketing.

Depending on your niche, different Internet marketing methods work for different sites. These 3 methods will help you better understand why article marketing is a good practice to add to your Internet marketing campaigns.

The following methods will help you drive super traffic to your blog:

1. Lean On Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the Rest

When article marketing think of a topic or subject matter (unique content) within a category industry for example health & fitness before publishing. Write a high quality well thought through article that provides value to the reader who will be looking for health & fitness information topics online. For best practice with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind when article marketing, include your primary keyword in the title, first 50 words, and 1-3% keyword density within the entire article.

Follow this model and see top page rankings. Focus on the topic within the niche and write away. Always review before submitting your article to directories for finalizing your grammar, punctuation, and flow. Some marketers use article rewriters or article marketing software. When asked “what is article marketing,” just know there are different ways to submitting articles faster but remember quality is the focus with uniqueness. When done submit to high quality article directories. The search engines will display your article in top page rank.

2. Professional Article Distribution

This method is not only a great way to get backlinks to your web pages but also features your links in the post of each article published on another website. Research PR1 and above site allies within your niche online and send the web admin an email asking to write for them for a link exchange in the article. Take time to review the site to give compliments and praise. More links means high page rankings and more traffic to your blog.

3. Guest Blogging
Due to stringent animal updates from Google, anything published online cannot be of low quality. Guest blogging on various networks is a strategy that works and has attracted lots of attention from the blogging community since these updates. Professional article distribution can be time consuming searching on Google; this is why there are already networks in place that connect bloggers alike. Use these guest blogging networks to gain results:

· BlogDash

· Blogger LinkUp

· BlogSynergy

· GroupHigh

· GuestBlogIt

· Guest Blog Genius

· Guestr

· MyBlogGuest

· PostJoint

You can easily find content bloggers and yourself are looking to write about.

Use article marketing with your online marketing efforts. By combining these strategies for article marketing, you will begin to see a spike in traffic. Keep in mind good post structure with SEO in mind makes the formula for high page rankings that result in more traffic directed to your blog. So the next time you ask yourself “what is article marketing,” refer back to this article and bookmark for future reference.


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