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What is the BEST FREE computer software for making a database?

Updated on July 29, 2017

This is what you been waiting for!!!

There are a few sites available out there for this, but some are better then others. Reviews are a great way to know if the product is good or not. Some of the programs are even free for businesses to use! So this isn't just for the non-profit's out there. I have a few suggestions that I AM SURE I WILL UPDATE as I find even more information! For now I want to answer your basic question. So let's begin shall we?

OpenOffice is a great download. has everything microsoft office has almsot. All of the files are also compatable with there Microsoft counterparts! For a free database program (and much more) this is for you! Here is a more in-depth summery of it. (taken from

OpenOffice is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. It can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose.

For more infomation and to download click here:

©2008 Google
©2008 Google

Google Documents

Google offers a helpful program called Google Docs. In Google Docs you can make Spreadsheets and Presentations. Here is a quick summery taken from

Create basic documents from scratch. You can easily do all the basics, including making bulleted lists, sorting by columns, adding tables, images, comments, formulas, changing fonts and more. And it's free.

Upload your existing files. Google Docs accepts most popular file formats, including DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, PPT, etc. So go ahead and upload your existing files.

Familiar desktop feel makes editing a breeze. Just click the toolbar buttons to bold, underline, indent, change font or number format, change cell background color and so on.

Remember! You need to have a Free Google Account to use this service =).

For more information on Google Docs please follow this link:

Zoho for the win? Online Tools!

Zoho is a very good database program. It also offers other tools for online use. From what I know you don't need to download anything, it all works online. From how it looks, I suggest checking this one out! All you do is make an account and you can start databasing.

Check out the Database tool page directly here:

Zoho is as easy as this:

So there it is...

Hope this has helped answer your question, and everyone else who reads the Hub. I hope my content here is helpful and gives you a good idea of what to use. Thanks for reading and your time, comments are welcomed, please don't hesitate in leaving them. Thank you,



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    • profile image

      Ruben 3 years ago

      Needs organized my document

    • profile image

      Tim 6 years ago

      Sadly I've been looking for a simple free online relational database.. and have still not found one. Sadly, it seems that something has changed at Zoho - Creator is no longer free. Pity

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      Thank you for producing this article which is really a great information and piece of advice to my being.

    • WebTechEngineer profile image

      WebTechEngineer 7 years ago from Houston, TX USA

      Good Hub, thanks for sharing!! let's not forget the generous MySQL. This RDBMS is open source, available for anyone to download without having to worry about a high-cost licensing. Among many other positive attributes, MySQL is highly reliable and scalable. Besides, it was born in an open source culture so it is made to talk to PHP, having lots of built-in integration tools between the two.

    • profile image

      Igor Petrushenko 8 years ago

      I think is much better,

      because it has no any restrictions or limits and can build great web forms and integrate it into web sites or blogs.

      Great free online database application thought...

    • pejupu profile image

      pejupu 8 years ago

      This is important issue in small business, where You don't want to sopend lots of money for databases. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Martin Roberts 9 years ago

      A new site called has just been released which is compleatly free.

    • guidebaba profile image

      guidebaba 9 years ago from India

      thanks for sharing all the info. Good I like this.

    • ProCW profile image

      ProCW 9 years ago from South Carolina

      Great job on your hub! I've used OpenOffice for quite some time and have found it very comparable to other db programs.

      Again, Great job!


    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 9 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Thanks for sharing this information. Great hub

      regards Zsuzsy

    • profile image 9 years ago

      Thank you for writing this hub. I am working with a non profit that needs a database for their clients, but they have no money. With a little luck one of your suggestions will work.