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What is the problem with sellers online?

Updated on September 19, 2010

Man, some of the selling I have seen online is just incredibly lame. So stupid, I have a hard time believing the seller really does want to sell the thing they posted. The whole impression is that they think the thing will sell itself without questions.

Case in point, cars. I was looking for a car. Found several ads on Ebay, Craigslist, Autotrader etc. The ad was a one liner with lame spelling (but I understood) describing the car. One line! Who, in their right mind, really thinks that selling a car with a one line description is sufficient??? Well, there are certainly a lot of idiots that do. So, armed with such scant info, I inquired and wanted a lot more detail about the condition. Here, the idiot sellers either respond with, "call me" or provide answers that only beg a savvy buyer to ask more. Heck, if I wanted to call, I would have. Many prefer email because it leaves a paper trail to reference later. 

Then, you have those that provide a fair description of the car and fail to provide photos!! Am I missing something here? Isn't it a given to provide some pics of the what you selling online? After all, a real buyer might be 3000 miles away! So, then the buyer requests photos. The response may be adequate, but often I have hit the, " I am not computer literate, come see the car". Dude! I am not around the frickin block, I am hundreds of miles away. How can you want to sell a car without providing the buyer with photos! If you can't do it, get help. Or, they will say call me again. Dude, calling does NOT replace seeing a photo online. All the descriptions in the world pale when compared to a photo showing the car. What you may think is good, I may not agree with. 

Talk about annoying! Geez. It seems many post a thing for sale  not realizing that their ad can be accessed from someone thousands of miles away, not just the local area they live in. Therefore, one should provide detailed  descriptions and photos AND welcome questions, not give the impression that it is too much effort to sell it by responding.

That's the other thing. The buyer responds and the seller never returns an answer making the buyer try and try again. Was it already sold? does the seller get the email? Have they seen it? Are they that lazy they cannot answer? Do they really want to sell it?

Selling does require some work and effort even online! If the seller fails to step up with what the buyer is requesting, they risk not selling it, which was and is their objective! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Stupid.

There are a lot of idiots trying to sell things online. To a buyer, it can be so frustrating.

Then there is the wishful thinking. You know, selling a car for some insane price. Don't they know a savvy buyer will check out the value of the car via Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, NADA before they contact you. If the seller confronts the seller with this info, there is no legitimate answer for them justifying why they want so much more in most cases. I am sure salesmen at car lots face this every day.


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