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What to do if you are suddenly without a job

Updated on September 1, 2012

How to Cope When you are Jobless

If you find yourself suddenly without a job, there are some things you need to do.

Jobless. What can be more devastating when you find yourself jobless specially if you have a family? Three of my friends have lost their job in the past year. One is a temporary job, while the other two are semi permanent job. Well nobody is employed forever, jobs are up to the time that you satisfy your bosses, or your company is still satisfied with your performance, or your company had not been affected by the recession.

There are many reasons why a person lost a job, you screwed up badly, or it is just a factor of the recession and that business is bad and you are the first to go.

These being said, there are things you need to do when you are suddenly unemployed.

Tips on what to do when suddenly you are out of job

What to do if you are suddenly without a job?

1. Gather your thoughts and analyze the situation. Think of the experience as a way for you to improve yourself. Think about your next big step. Do you want to pursue another career? Do you want to study more, or do you want to just work and earn money immediately? Some people realized that when they are unemployed they can explore other things or they can now do whatever they like to do. Some try to study and work at the same time, but this really depends on the finances you have. Gather your thoughts and focus more on what path you are going to follow?

2. Check your finances, how long can you stretch your money, or do you have money at all? Brace for the hard times and be prepared for it. Hold on to your money. Check your options -- unemployment pension, insurance if you have any, retirement funds. I would suggest avoid withdrawing on it (retirement fund) unless your needs are critical.

3. Keep your head up. Don’t lose confidence in yourself. Avoid procrastination and talking ill about your past employer. If you think that something is wrong and you were treated unfairly, try to consult a lawyer for initial consultation (usually it is free for the first consultation) and you can do something about it. While doing this, don’t sulk and find ways to make yourself busy, otherwise you will become depressed and start your option immediately.

4. Find another job: How?

If you have decided to find a job as soon as possible, first step is to prepare a well detailed resume: Give your full name, phone number email address. State well your rationale for applying for the job, list the level of education you received, and relate some skills necessary for the job you are applying. Give the details of your previous employment. Specify the goals you set and received in your last employment and what you did to help achieve the goal.

You can include interests, skills, hobbies and state your character strength. You may have to adjust your résumé for each application because each company has its own objective.

Get a notebook to write the addresses, telephone numbers of prospective employers. After securing a copy of it (mostly you can find them in employment office), or if you have internet, go to MSN career builders, yahoo, snazzy, to name a few to find job availability in your area, and read carefully the instructions and qualifications needed for the job specifications. You can also scour the newspaper for job availability. List them all in your notebook. Read carefully the details of job specifications and how you can respond to it. Ask friends and other social connections if they know of any openings.

4. -- If you are called for an Interview:

  • Be prepared for the interview meaning you have read and master what you have written in your resume.
  • Read something about the company you are applying, objectives, and history are important things to know, how you can contribute to their objective etc.
  • Know your worth, specially of they ask you what range of salary you are expecting
  • Appearance -- presentable and decent
  • Talk with enough loudness and look them in the eye when you are talking
  • Don’t be late for the interview
  • Put off your cell phone, concentrate, avoid mannerisms
  • Answer them directly and honestly.
  • Be adaptable meaning if they asked you if you can work extra more hours and learn some more skills, just be positive about it
  • Don’t talk negatively about your past employers

There you go, I hope these tips will help you on what to do if you are suddenly without a job.


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