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What to expect from a Career as an SAP Project Manager?

Updated on March 17, 2013

SAP is one of the most sought after careers. The reason for this is the high demand of skilled SAP professionals in the Information Technology industry. According to the job market analysts, the requirement of SAP professionals will increase more in the next few years. If you have dreamt of embarking on an SAP career, it is time to materialise your career aspirations. The first step towards that is to find out what it takes to acquire an SAP position and then, you need to prepare yourself accordingly.

You can choose from several career options to utilise your SAP skills. Considering your interpersonal skills is also necessary while selecting an SAP career. For example, if you possess strong interaction skills, you can opt for an SAP consultant’s career. On the other hand, analytical skills help to build a career as an SAP analyst. If you have sound managerial skills, you can advance to the position of an SAP project manager.

This blog post will enlighten you on the responsibilities of an SAP project manager and the requirements to become one.


As an SAP project manager, you will be responsible for handling all the aspects of the implementation of a systems project. You will be in charge of a team and the team members will look up to you for inputs, advice and evaluation. Here are the responsibilities in a nutshell:

  • Offering technology leadership for making important decisions regarding design and development
  • Evaluating, recommending, building and integrating with functional commercial and open-source software components
  • Helping with new ideas to fulfil the business requirements
  • Reviewing technologies from the software providers across the globe
  • Working closely with the key professionals of the Management team to devise technical strategy and architectural direction for the ecommerce platform
  • Developing the design style of the software development process
  • Examining the achievability of the business requirements
  • Offering right solutions and recommending backup plans when required
  • Staying updated with the current web technological advancements so that you can forecast the probable impact on the existing system
  • Suggesting on the appropriate application of design patterns, code reviews and automated unit testing

Educational requirements

SAP consultants advance to the position of SAP project managersas they obtain experience and higher qualifications. On the other hand, you will require having related work experience to apply for SAP consultant jobs. The basic requirements are a degree in computer science or Information Technology and specialisation in SAP technologies. Higher qualifications are always helpful. If you have an advanced degree, faster career advancement is possible.


Having strong and current technical and business knowledge contributes to your success as an SAP project manager. Moreover, if you are able to demonstrate certain innate skills, a bright SAP career is awaiting you. What are those interpersonal skills? Leadership, communication, client-management, organisational, analytical, negotiation and multi-tasking skills are some of the key qualities required in every SAP expert.

Training and Experience

It is important to upgrade your SAP skills by attending regular training courses. You may pursue training courses run by SAP.

Experience adds to perfection. That is why you must keep a record of the knowledge you gain from your work.


SAP experts are in demand in every industry. Companies that use SAP functionality recruit SAP professionals.

Compensation package

The total compensation package for SAP project managers is generous. The annual average salary is close to £65,000. The highest salary given to an SAP project manager is around £80,000. Furthermore, bonuses help to increase the amount. There are other job benefits as well like medical insurance and pension.


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    • antigravity profile image

      antigravity 3 years ago

      SAP is big tool for any organization and has is a bright career option


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