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What If I Had Not Gone To Work Today

Updated on January 30, 2012

"What if I had not gone to work today? " That thought crossed my mind the other day, probably brought on by my recent viewing of "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas Eve.

In the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life", George Bailey was shown just how valuable his life was and how the seemingly little good things he had done affected the lives of many other people. George was shocked to see how adversely things would have turned out if he had not ever been born.

Well, I guess we could all learn a lesson from that movie and start reviewing our lives daily, hence, the thought I had " What if I had not gone to work today ?"

I was doing some part-time work for a Demo Company and this particular day my assignment was to sample out Shrimp and Steak. Now, I am not against eating either of those foods, however, I am not really fond of cooking them. In fact, I do not like food demos involving cooking anything. I am much more fond of baking or coffee or fruit or anything non-cooked. A chef I am not, so, this particular day I was not really looking forward to going to work but since life is not always about doing what we want to do, off I went on assignment and what a wonderful day I had !

When I first arrived at the store I was running late and was slow getting my demo set up because people kept asking me where things were. "Where is the Cream Cheese", " Do you know what aisle I can the find paper plates and napkins ?", "Is the Butter near here?" " I am looking for Pumpkin Pie Filling, do you know where I can find that?" and on and on. Each request had a little story attached to it and that is what made my day special. The Cream Cheese was for a "special dip" and the Paper Plates and Napkins were because he and his wife were living in a motel for awhile and cooking out of a microwave, the Pumpkin Pie filling was for a Holiday pie and the butter for some yummy bisquits she was making, there was also Fresh Cranberries for a post-dated Christmas dinner because they were going to visit relatives in Ohio.

Eventually I did get my Demo set up and cooked but as I sampled it, people still seemed to be needful of my help and by this time, I was feeling pretty good , was this really "work" I was doing?

What if I had not been there to tell the spanish man that the price on the whole chicken was correct because it was on sale and see the joy and happiness in his face as he told me this brand of chicken was his family's favorite and he was so glad it was on sale--it was his lucky day!

By staying home I would have missed out on listening to a little girl excitedly tell me it was her 5th birthday and show me the Birthday Cake Mom was buying her for her party that day. She proudly told me she had gone to bed the night before as a 4 year old and when she woke up she was 5 ! Now, how great is that !!

Besides all of the above I counted myself fortunate to meet and talk with the man, who because of hard times ,was living in a motel with his wife who loved to cook and bake but couldn't because all they had right now was a microwave to use---as I directed him to the TV Dinners and Paper Plates I prayed for him and his life, that God might bless him abundantly in the New Year. What if I had not gone to work that day, I would have missed out on that divine opportunity.

There is a saying that goes "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." (author unknown)

Everyday of our lives, our paths cross others paths. Let's always be aware of that and be alert to what little good we can do to enrich another's life....... everyday.



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