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What's The Buzz In Biz.???

Updated on May 17, 2017

For those of us who have been on the dreaded job search path, which is all of us, this article is dedicated to you. I know you wanted to say it, you just forgot, so I said it for you.

Scenario #1: The hiring manager has a choice, the highly qualified candidate, or the eighteen year old high school diploma candidate. Which one does the hiring manager choose? The high school diploma candidate. Why? Job security. The teenager will never be a threat to the manager's job. The manager finds it easier to boss a teenager around, then to demand an employee with equal experience do what she is demanding be done. And, besides, he cleans the snow off the hiring manager's car windshield for her.

Does this habitual practice adversely affect the business? Of course it does. The business will remain stagnant because the hiring manager has transformed it into a teaching business, rather than a meeting of equal minds, profitable business. By hiring the unqualified, inexperienced candidate the business loses the opportunity to grow and prosper with new ideas which eventually leads to loss of profits and the eventual demise of the business. You know the saying, on the job training? That's what college is for. College is the institute that educates, business is the institute where the education is applied. If you went to college, then why of course you would know that's a theory, which on the job training, to my knowledge doesn't cover. The depth and breadth of the business, it just aint there, so it ain't goin nowhere.

Scenario #2: The hiring manager has two candidates, one experienced candidate is adamant about the salary that she will be satisfied with. The other candidate will work for minimum wage. Has the hiring manager helped save the business money hiring candidate number two? Of course not. It is a known fact, if you pay an employee ten dollars an hour, the employee will give you ten dollar an hour work, if you pay the employee fifteen dollars an hour, the employee will give you fifteen dollar an hour work. Additionally, the lower wage is a guarantee of no loyalty. The employee is working for peanuts, unappreciated and will jump ship at the first opportunity to get out. How many people will the employee bad mouth the business and the working conditions to, statistics say. . .alot. If your practice is to continually hire minimum wage employees, know this, the business paying low wages has the most turnover and is the most short staffed business in town. It is also the least profitable. Word of mouth is the largest advertiser for business. The hiring manager hasn't saved the company. In fact, the hiring manager has made certain the company will lose business, profits and eventually fail.

Scenario #3: The hiring manager has two candidates. One is a larger person who laughingly agrees to intimidate the staff for the hiring manager and one is a hard working, polite, trustworthy, scrawny candidate. The hiring manager decides to hire the larger candidate because he has filled two positions with one candidate, security for unruly customers and staff, and the open position. Has the hiring manager really saved the company money? How often do customers return to a business where they are stalked by the staff? Never. The hiring manager by hiring the candidate that is aggressive and ready to do battle with any customer, or staff member has guaranteed the demise of the business. Qualified candidates will not apply for a job where they are going to be stalked and treated aggressively and customers will do without rather than stop and shop. By hiring the candidate with unsavory characteristic traits the hiring manager has turned the once bright and cheerful business into a place no one would rather go.

Scenario #4 The hiring manager has two candidates, one is an employee who is on probation and hiring him will get the business a tax break from the state. The other candidate is a qualified candidate who will bring no profitable connections and his entire salary will be paid by the business. The hiring manager has decided to hire the candidate that will give the business a tax break. In fact, because the business agreed to hire one, the hiring manager hired more and got an even bigger tax break for the store. All their friends did business there, no one else did. In fact, the business once a respected, customer oriented, profitable establishment now resembled a half way house. Would you go there? No, chances are there is a similar business in the town over. Why take a chance on being car jacked? Go two towns over if needed.

Scenario #5 The hiring manager has two candidtes. The first candidate is his daughter. The second candidate is not his daughter. Which candidate does he choose? The hiring manager hires his daughter. Then, he hires his mother-in-law, her daughter, his uncle, his uncle's son and almost hired grandma, but she decided to retire. The hiring manager has made certain he wont get fired, replaced, or demoted. And, sly guy that he is neither will any of his relatives. Soon, the business that had an array of staff has suddenly turned into a family run business. Not the owner's family, the hiring manager's family. And, no one ever reports a complaint about any staff member. And, believe it or not, there isn't one bad evaluation of any staff. Who shops at the store? Just the hiring manager's family and friends. How much money do they have to spend? Not much, the business is slowly sliding down the ladder of success. Who shops at a store knowing if cousin Bobby slams your milk on top of your bread, there's no one to compalin to. Customers soon hear through the customer service gossip mill that everyone is related to everyone, so don't bother complaining about anyone. It just falls on dad's ears. My favorite business in this scenario is the business who has written policy that they do not hire relatives, yet everyone is related to the hiring manager. Well, almost everyone. The schmuck that has to do everything for the relatives, well that would be you. The definition of human resources in that business is, you are only related if you have the same name. Go elsewhere, for a job, and the business. Especially, if the business is healthcare. You don't want cousin Joey breaking your arm that was only fractured when you arrived do you? And, do not complain to Aunt Peg at the switchboard, or nurse mommy. Just value your life and get out, before your losses aren't the only thing they cut.

Who hired the hiring manager? When the hiring manager is gone, and he will eventually be thrown by the wasteside, don't go back. The next one will have a different face, but the personality traits of the hiring manager are always a reflection of the business owner. Wait for the place to close, it is just taken up space anyway.

Conclusion: While job searching, pay close attention to the hiring manager and know he has to hire someone, but it don't gotta be you. Yes, you need a job. But, when searching interview and analyze the hiring manager as much, or more than he does you. Is he someone you want to work for? Get yourself a good job and a decent hiring manager, you deserve it! Just as the laws of physics don't change, the simple truths don't, either. A happy employee is a profitable business.


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