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Where are the Jobs? Connected to Education?

Updated on May 30, 2013
B. Stuart Noll -  Life Architect
B. Stuart Noll - Life Architect | Source

Ever since I was a little kid, and that was a very long time ago, society has been telling its younger generations “if you want a good job, get a good education.’’ A lot has changed since the 60’s, both in the job market and in education! Back then the expectation was to graduate from high school with at least decent grades, take your SAT’s, get into a four year school and either make the choice to enter the work world or seek graduate studies. Then you would find an employer or two, give them your heart and soul for forty years and retire with a pension, some retirement savings or investments and some fond memories of the good old days.

Today, there are so many more options educationally and almost all of them require adding an additional zero or two to the cost. There aren’t just night schools anymore; there are nights, days, weekends, online, other forms of distance learning, video conferences, podcasts and so many more! It’s a veritable “Educationfest.”

And the job market has morphed into quite a festival of its own. No more walking in the front door, introducing yourself and selling the boss on your combination of intestinal fortitude and the ability to learn anything - quickly! No more printing a zillion resumes sending them via snail mail and following them up with telephone calls. Today, if you can’t express yourself electronically, detailing a portfolio of your Tier 1 education, 5-10 years experience in your chosen field, and a penchant for political correctness and a quasi-ethical platitude for corporate fodder, you’ll have to back up and add a few more zero’s before you can enter the real work world.

I contend that the old adage regarding the relationship between a good education and a good job still holds true today, in fact, even more so 50 years later, even though the job market and education have morphed into very different animals. There is one constant, however, and I see it still, as the most significant element to successful employment and more importantly – life itself. This one factor, in my humble opinion, determines the answer to this article’s title question and the best way to express this factor is to ask you another question. That question is “What do you believe?”

Whether you agree with me or not, knowing the answer to the question of what you believe will go a long way in helping you formulate a strategy for achievement of career and life goals. Even if what you believe changes with time, as I suspect it will, you can be confident you’ll have a reason and a direction for action which will take you almost anywhere you want to go.

OJT (On the Job Training) was the battle cry for the employable and the unemployed many years ago. Today, without skills and an education the battle cry is OUT, (Like never getting in the door, albeit a virtual one at that.) I can remember a day when working your way up the ladder (Corporate or otherwise) was a matter of effort, dedication, aptitude, skill and perseverance, not to mention the GWS (goes without saying) qualities like honesty, team play, maturity and a balanced work ethic.

This is not a sour grapes article. It is an observation based on many years of experience, the opinion of one individual with a passion to help others see life from a different perspective and to understand how to make a decision for themselves relative to work and life.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts on the subject above. Until the next segment I hope you will continue to search for your part in this world and never accept anything less than the very best from yourself or others.

Peace be with you!


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