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When to Choose Engraved Office Signs for Your Office Signage Needs

Updated on December 27, 2013
Engraved Office Signs or Not?
Engraved Office Signs or Not?

Did you know that engraved office signs are actually ideal for quite a number of office signage requirements that you might have? Engraved signs are constantly being chosen by numerous establishments for their indoor and outdoor signs due to the many amazing possibilities such a marking method presents. Engraving as a method for making signs is selected primarily because of its versatility and the look it brings with it.

Engraving is a marking method that allows you to create text and designs that are either recessed or raised. This means that your signs will have a 3D look, which in turn gives it depth and dimension. The use of engraving on your signs is also necessary when you need to have tactile characters on your signs, which is needed when signs have to be ADA compliant.

Tactile characters are letters, and numbers, (as well as pictograms) that can be understood when a person runs their fingers over it. Since raised letters are considered tactile, and engraving can produce raised letters, it is then but natural for establishments to choose engraved signs for their ADA signage needs. And since most office signs are found indoors, with indoor signs being one of the many types of signs that need to comply with ADA standards, it is then but natural that such signs be crafted using engraving as the marking method.

List down your office signage needs
List down your office signage needs

Determining Whether or Not You Should Opt for Engraved Office Signs

Should you choose to use engraved office signs for your business or is another type of sign better for you? To determine whether or not engraved signs are what you need, you should first find out what kinds of signs your establishment needs. If you need a lot of indoor signs, and if most of these signs are to be used to mark doors for permanent rooms, then you really should use engraving as your marking method.

If you do not need that many permanent room signs, you can actually mix up the kinds of signs that you use, provided that these are fashioned in a way that fits with the design of the other signs you are going to use. It would look rather weird for your place of business to sport different kinds of signs made in many different ways, wouldn’t it? It would look very unprofessional and would come across as if you purchased your signs on sale and got different kinds because these were the ones that were available.

Of course, if you want cohesiveness in the many different signs that you are to use for your business, whether these need to be ADA compliant or not, you should definitely have all signs engraved. Choose a font, a color combination and materials that all your signs can use and have these characteristics utilized on whatever signs you need. Whether these are permanent door signs, directional signs, directories and informational signs, using one central theme as well as color scheme will help make all your signs look professional and cohesive.

Engraved Signs
Engraved Signs

Benefits of Choosing Engraved Signs for Your Office

Aside from the fact that you can have ADA signs made using engraving, you can also get a number of benefits from using this marking method for your signage. For one, engraved signs can be made using a wide variety of materials. This makes it rather easy to match the décor your office already has. For instance, if your tables, counters and other decorative elements around the office are made out of a kind of dark wood, you can use the same kind of dark wood, or a plastic material that has the same color as this dark wood, for your engraved signage needs.

Also worth noting when it comes to enumerating the benefits of these types of signs is the durability of such a signage type. Printed and painted signs can fade and become damaged faster than engraved signs. Since these are made by gouging out parts of the material used to create the characters that people can read with their eyes as well as with their sense of touch, these are pretty difficult to deface, damage or vandalize.

This also means that, with such durability, you won’t need to constantly change signs. This adds another benefit to the use of engraved office signs and that is cost effectiveness. Now, isn’t that enough to convince you to go for engraved signs for your office?


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