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When to Use an IT Recruitment Firm

Updated on January 9, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, an industrial engineer, a mother of two, and a published sci-fi and horror author.


When does your organization need to use an IT recruitment firm instead of relying on over-time from existing staff, hiring consultants or posting online jobs in an attempt to fill the position yourself?

Handling Hypercare with Care

When a doctor's office enters their records to an electronic medical records system, they will need help for several weeks if not several months before they are both comfortable and efficient in their use of the new tool. Converting a company's legacy financial system to SAP or moving from an old product data management system to a new PDM system alters both the software employees use to do their jobs and the business processes they must follow.

When you switch to a new IT system, there is typically a spike in user calls for help. This period of intensive support is called hyper-care, a period where IT support demand will be at its peak. Businesses should contact an IT staffing agency to bring in IT professionals to meet customer needs during the hyper-care period. This will make the transition to the new IT system smoother while helping find truly severe problems faster.

When you need the right IT professional promptly, you should call a recruiter to find the right person.
When you need the right IT professional promptly, you should call a recruiter to find the right person. | Source

Your IT Experts Lacks a Particular Expertise

Your company's IT guru supports your legacy software applications, your server and your customers. However, the IT guru has found a problem with, the latest Oracle version or a Java security update.

You should call an IT recruitment firm to find someone who can help resolve the current problem. Let them find an expert in short order who can search your IT systems for similar problems to fix, and train your in-house IT staff how to solve this issue in the future.

Or let an IT recruitment firm find the technical subject matter expert you need, sparing you the time you would otherwise spend researching the certifications and experience that would be required by the technical expert you need for a particular project.

Software Updates, Upgrades and Patches

A customer has found a security hole in your application. You need to fix it, but you need help from an IT security expert. Contact an IT staffing agency to find someone with the right skills for the job as quickly as possible. You need to upgrade your software application from an executable on the user's desktop to a web based application or one that can be served through a virtual desktop environment.

Let an IT staffing agency find qualified personnel to help with the software upgrade process. You do not need to wait weeks while interviewing dozens of candidates or go through the expense of hiring someone full time who is only needed for a particular project.

Use an IT staffing agency to find the right person for this particular project to get the job done quickly. Unlike searches for full time employees, recruiters have a large talent portfolio of qualified IT professionals, and they are more likely to find a qualified candidate willing and able to work on your schedule for the project's duration.

Striving to Meet IT Standards

Does your IT system meet ISO IT security standards? If your customers are mandating ISO IT security compliance, do you have the experts on hand to audit your IT systems and IT processes? Do you want to supply parts to a large company but they state that suppliers must be Capability Maturity Model or CMM level 2 or higher? Do you know how to properly document your processes and fill out the forms to demonstrate that level of business process maturity?

If not, let an IT recruiter find someone to guide you through these time consuming processes so that they are done right the first time. If you do not have a truly expert person guiding you through the process of achieving these standards, you lose both time and money gaining these credentials and possibly business opportunities in the interim.

When Speed Is Of the Essence

IT recruitment firms can often fill an IT position faster than a small business, due to their existing portfolio of talent and experience in screening candidates per your requirements.


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