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Where Can You Find Model and Serial Plates Attached?

Updated on October 27, 2013
Model and Serial Plate
Model and Serial Plate

The Basics of Model and Serial Plates

A lot of products actually carry model and serial plates on them, and these are there for a number of good reasons. For one, these plates give your item a unique identifying code that, when you purchase this item, became attached to your name. In short, this particular code helps identify you as the owner of such an item. The use of such an identifier is for troubleshooting and repair purposes, as well as for warranties and guarantees. These are used when companies need to check if limited warranties may have expired before you asked for troubleshooting help and when possible replacements may be availed of should your item conk out before the guarantee runs out.

Not all model and serial plates used by various companies are made out of metal (although a great number of these are manufactured using corrosion resistant metals). Those that do use metals for their model and serial plates are often companies that craft items that are either heavy duty, mechanical or industrial in nature. Examples of such items include lawnmowers, tractors, engines for cars and large kitchen appliances.

Some of the smaller items that use these identifying tags often carry these in aluminum foil label form. These tags are often attached to these items for the very same reasons mentioned above. The reason why these use aluminum foil tags instead of metal ones is due to the fact that these are rather small, allowing only very little space for the adherence of metal tags with the use of rivets, screws or some other similar mounting hardware. Examples of items that carry model and serial plates made out of rather thin aluminum foil tags are small appliances like mixers, blenders, toasters and waffle irons.

Basic Elements of a Model and Serial Plate or Label
Basic Elements of a Model and Serial Plate or Label
Model and Serial Tag
Model and Serial Tag

Where are These Plates Often Found on These Items?

Where exactly can you find these model and serial plates when it comes to these many different products? Different companies actually place these identifying plates and labels in many different areas. In fact, quite a few companies actually attach these identifiers on different areas of different products. For you to locate these, some companies have even put out lists (which you can find online) that indicate where such plates and stickers can be found on their numerous products.

These lists that are published online by companies regarding the location of these plates are for the convenience of those who need to ask for troubleshooting help but cannot easily locate where these identifying plates are located. Some lists only carry the product name, year it was manufactured and where on the item this tag can be found. Other lists actually carry pictures of the item and show consumers where exactly such tags can be found with an inset picture of the tag in its location.

Usually, these identifying tags can be found in hidden locations on such items and can be found with a careful checking of such item. More often than not, these tags are found on the underside of numerous smaller products, like blenders, mixers and such. For bigger items, these can be found in the back, in a seldom accessed part or under one of the bigger parts of such a product. An example of this is a refrigerator, and you can find the model and serial plate of such a large item in the bottom part of the back of this huge kitchen appliance.

In order for you to locate the model and serial plate of your item, you can take your cue from the usual places that most companies choose to attach these to (rear, underside, obscure and seldom used area), but if you do find it hard to locate such a plate (or you just don’t want to crawl around needlessly to find it), you can visit the website of the item’s manufacturer and look for the list there. You can also try to call their customer service hotline and ask about the location of their model and serial tags. Just make sure you know the model of your item (this is usually found on the manual that comes with your product when you purchase it), so that your question can be answered quickly and effectively.


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