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Where are the Jobs in 2011?

Updated on August 13, 2016

In 2011 and still today!!


I thought when Barack Obama was elected we were in for a change. Well we got one for the worse. I don't think Obama should be blamed but the buck has to stop with him.

The USA can't continue with this policy of skipping out on taxes and expecting jobs to be created. This has been the policy for the last 12 years from the Bush administration and continues under the Obama administration. And habitually and continually unemployment has risen over the last 12 years. It is a cumulative effect. Economies can't recover while unemployment is remains so high. There is an elderly population that is looming over the USA economy, China has to get out of our banks, and jobs have to be created . The answer is job creation and since the Bush/buck stops in DC then it is DC who has to create the jobs. Almost immediately the economy would be improve if the USA defaults on its loans. The foreign loans are unsustainable and it is crippling our economy.

There is an argument that we weren't pulled from the brink of economic disaster but plunged further in. I guess it doesn't matter to millionaire politicians on either side of the aisle. The executive has retained war time powers for more than 12 years now. That is longer than FDR retained his powers.

Have we been brought back from the brink fo economic disaster or plunged further in?

Back From The Brink

Do you believe we are back from the brink of economic disaster or plunging towards a depression?

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Presidential War Time Powers

Do you think the War in North Arrica was only to extend Presidential War time Powers?

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Democrats Job Creation

Do you think the Democratic Party has put USA job creation as the top prioirity for National Security?

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Presidential Betrayal

Do you believe Barack Obama betrayed his promises to the American People?

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I value your opinions

I know this piece is controversial but it is one worth writing. Did we get what we needed from Barack Obama? Or is change and progress just to slow in this country because it pays so well to be slow. It is a tactical advantage to claim to be changing the country but progress is slow and keep me on the payroll as POTUS another four years.

If he couldn't do it in 3 years then exactly what makes us believe he can accomplish his goals in 8 years. It is a straw argument. It needs substances. I would think if he is the lawyer he claims to be he would understand the difference between a straw argument and a substantive one.

Even more important is to ask yourself has the USA progressed in the last 3 years? Or is it sliding into chaos. All important questions to ask but I will not put a poll up. I will probably do a follow up article on this very subject.


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    • profile image

      Jt Walters 6 years ago

      Well there isn't much money in the state or local government because it all gets paid to the federal government. It is a Democratic model we are working from with a president with war time powers. In a republican model outside of presidential war time powers the state and local government do have more moeny and more power to create jobs.

      I have foudn many things to like about Obama as well but you too are looking for work. It must be frustrated for you to be unemployed by a president you support?

      It is still a straw argument, "Re-elect so I can get the job done" not to mention how the homosexuals have been slighted by a president taht supported, "Gay Marriage" and that hasn't happened yet either. It is all the the shattered promises weighing on this current adminsitration.

      I appreciate your comment. I respect your opinion. Thank you for your contribution. As I ahve always stated. I always argue on side of any argument and I only rent ideas. I am not radical. Hope you are not as well.

    • buckey777 profile image

      Thomas Mitchell 6 years ago from Bangor, Maine

      I believe that Obama has made some decent improvements and as they say Rome wasn't built overnight. I don't think this country can change in one term. And the problem doesn't all fall on Obama many issues are more local. The fact that local and state governments have cut funding for new businesses such as tax cuts and energy grants and so forth. Obama has to look at the situation from a broader perspective and say what can I do to help. He can't be at every town hall doing your local government's job. This is the reason we elect them to and I believe it is them that need to concentrate on bringing back the jobs locally.