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How to optimize your twitter account to get more followers

Updated on February 28, 2012

Use Twitter to get thousands of visitors to your website

The Strategy that gives you an unfair advantage on Twitter
The Strategy that gives you an unfair advantage on Twitter

Optimizing your Twitter Profile , Where do you start?

When it comes to optimizing your profile on twitter, there seems to be tons of websites that claim that they will help you succeed. This leaves many people wondering where to start, and often times many people fall into the category of information overload. This article will help beginner and advanced twitter users to optimize twitter profiles so that you can get more followers on twitter, get more traffic to your profile, and overall increase your conversions and sales that come from twitter.

The Article will include various tips that serve to increase followers. I will discuss strategies that help you find a targeted niche audience on twitter, as well as strategies that will increase the amount of people clicking on your links that you post on twitter.

There will also be a section that will address using Twitter automation software so that you can save time, there are a few programs out there, but I will tell you which program has proven to work best when it comes to automating tweets on multiple twitter accounts, and getting over 500 people to follow you a day.

Another big concern, what are the benefits of retweeting, and why is it important to retweet your followers frequently. I will discuss this below

What is the most effective frame of mind to use on twitter, what types of tweets get the best response and the highest click through rate.

Are there any recommended ebooks that help you get more followers on twitter, as well as provide valuable information about increasing conversions, CTR, and making money on twitter? Yes there are, I have read plenty of ebooks that help you succeed using proven twitter marketing strategies. This is one of my favorite Ebooks that I highly recommend, its well worth the investment, and by using it your sure to make your money back within days of reading it.

Strategies for dominating any niche on twitter

There are tons of strategies out there that you can use to dominate a niche on twitter. But first lets talk about how you can find targeted users on twitter that will be interested in any relevant content that you have to share in your tweets.

One way that you can find relevant people to follow on twitter is to use the search box on your twitter homepage. You can type in keywords or usernames that you are looking for and it will bring you to the social media conversation that they had recently containing those targeted Keywords.  The Twitter Search box is an excellent way to find out about certain news events, twitter trends, google trends, Breaking news, and even finding people that you would like to connect with.

You can make twitter lists to categorize certain keywords or target niches that you are trying to dominate, although I do not implement this strategy yet, I have heard that it works well, especially if you are trying to keep up with thousands of followers.  

An excellent way to get followers is to tweet breaking news or to talk about certain google trends that are bound to get lots of traffic because of the media hype. A good example of this would be to tweet news about the Apple iPad when they apple first announced its debut.  You could then tweet about some of the features so people could learn about that topic of interest.  Speaking of Breaking News on Social Media - here is a great website that you can use to see  the most popular topics on Social Media sites like and on any given day.  

An awesome website for Social Media news:

 The website contains tons of videos, articles and content that is bound to get lots of traffic.

Maximize your Efficiency on Twitter with the best tweet automation software - TweetAdder

This part of the article is going to address the frustrations of marketing on Social Media, keeping up with thousands of followers on twitter takes a lot of time and effort. It takes a lot of work to learn to be efficient on twitter, it takes a long time to follow a hundred people a day manually, and send messages to all your new followers. This is why its really important that you use Tweet Automation Software to automate your tweets, automatically follow hundreds of people a day, and automatically send out hundreds of messages to all your new followers. 

The highest rated Tweet Automating Software out there is TweetAdder, the program has gotten great reviews and testimonials and is notorious for getting people thousands of followers.  Another great advantage you get using TweetAdder is the feature that allows you to manage an unlimited amount of twitter accounts.  The Software is really easy to use, and if you'd like to learn more about it you can either go to the website below, or you can watch the youtube video that shows you a video overview of some features that come with TweetAdder. 

Did you know certain kinds of shortened links get clicked on more than others?

This is something that many twitter users overlook, but think about it, some people tend to favor other link shortening services more than others. The main reason behind this is trust, once you become familiar with a few link shortening sites, you trust them right?

Well this is another reason why I prefer TweetAdder tweet automating software.  When you use TweetAdder it automatically will shorten your links using  , this url shortening service has an astounding reputation, and offers tons of features like link tracking and stats for FREE.  It is highly trusted for shortening links and has a better click through rate than other url shorteners. One of my favorite features with url shortener is the fact that you get to see bar graphs that show your traffic and it even tracks your traffic so that you know what site the website visitor saw before he was lead to your sales page or website.


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    • quizbomb profile image

      quizbomb 5 years ago from Lancashire, United Kingdom

      Nice hub - thanks for the great info and useful resources. You can count me as a fan. By the way how did you add the discover more hubs section.. I'm going to feel dumb if you say it's in the top right corner with the rest of the modules :)

    • profile image

      Master of the Web 6 years ago

      Thanks for letting me in on these tips on dominating Twitter. I'm going to try and get targeted followers right now.

    • profile image

      Lauren 7 years ago

      I've been using tweet adder to increase followers on Twitter for over 5 months. It's definitely a great buy

    • profile image

      Kelly  7 years ago

      Twitter has really helped me increase business to my online marketing ventures, my website and my blog. Thanks for the great advice- I will have to try out Tweet Adder and see if that can help me save time on twitter. I heard its very effective when it comes to saving time tweeting and increasing conversions.

    • profile image

      Melisa 7 years ago

      I think that having a personalized picture on your twitter account really helps you get more followers on Twitter. It makes it easier for people to relate with you. Most don't realize it but relating with and helping others is what Twitter is all about if you want to succeed.