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Where to Find Work From Home Jobs Online

Updated on March 10, 2012

I have been always asked

I have been working as a writer, blogger and SEO Specialist for 3 years now. Having the freedom to work just about anywhere is pretty convenient for me. Especially I do need to be at home a good chunk of my time to look after my now 5 year old son.

But before I landed a full time work from home job. I had to go through the growing pains of being rejected over and over again. Looking for jobs at various websites, uploading and updating a resume and profile several times can be daunting and frustrating.

When I start to feel that frustration, I take a break. But I never stopped looking at other possible online venues where I can find a good and decent paying job.

Where to Find Work From Home Jobs

I will keep this hub short and sweet and get you on your way in hopes of finding and landing that job that you always wanted.

1. - Odesk is the first website where I found a part-time job as an article re-writer. You need to build a profile and pass the Odesk readiness test. There are other tests that you can take to build your credentials as a specialist in a certain field. There are a lot of jobs to choose from Odesk. Odesk charges 10% of the hourly rate or the fixed rate depending on the employer that you apply to.

2. - You can build your resume here and there are companies that do look for employees that can work from home.

3. Craigslist - This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest classified ad website in the world. I was fortunate enough to have found my employer through searches and unrelenting applications that finally landed me a good employer.

4. Online Writing Jobs - This is a website which features different work from home writing jobs in different websites. Even posting on craigslist go here as well. Any writing related jobs can be found here.

The Obstacles

I almost gave up on finding a good work from home job. Because there may be a high supply of jobs, there is also a lot of qualified employees that are way better than you at some aspects. Starting a personal blog has helped me add more skills to the skill set that I already have. Knowing how to use different blogging platforms, knowing how SEO works and improving my writing has helped me become more confident in applying.

And if I ever get rejected, I take it on as a challenge and bite the dust again. Rethink my game plan. And implement it.

I learned through time, good work from home books and witty bloggers on how to distinguish a real job from a scam, how to write an engaging cover letter and learning to smile through every obstacle that comes my way.

What's Next For Me?

I am actually a Physical Therapist by profession, and have recently passed my NPTE exam. I am waiting for our papers to push through and will move to the US sometime this year. While waiting, being a writer, blogger and SEO Specialist is what I do while I am still here in The Philippines.

Late last year, I dabbled on Internet Marketing. And have since been able to earn a little on the side by writing reviews on different books, as well as a review on Bluehost as one of the best hosting service for blogging here.

I know it will take a while before I can really earn a passive income through internet marketing, but much like with how I found my happy and fulfilling work from home job - I will be unrelenting in becoming a full time affiliate marketer as well.

Happy Job hunting and wish you all the best! :)

Books to help you get started


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