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Where Will the Yahoo Contributors go?

Updated on September 6, 2014

Other Article Platforms To Consider


Hubpages has always been my favorite paid article writing platform. The biggest reason I like them so much is that there is no wait time to publish an article. You write it, you publish it, and you're done. This doesn't detract from quality content though. The moderators at Hubpages diligently work to keep this article platform a friendly, worthwhile place to read articles and publish your own. The only drawback is that they require an Adsense account to receive payments. As many of us now know, Adsense is not always a reliable source of profit, as they can cancel your account without warning or giving you a reason.

2. Bubblews

Bubblews is my second favorite (Now that yahoo is gone) article publishing platform. They also have immediate publishing with stringent moderation. They also don't require you to have a adsense account, and their content rules are pretty lax in comparison to some of the other sites out there.

3. Triond

Triond much like Yahoo, moderates your content before it is published, and if they accept it, will publish it to one of their sister sites. This is another company that requires you to have an Adsense account.

4. Infobarrel

I just recently discovered Infobarrel, and have not officially signed up yet, but it looks promising. I will post updated info in this site after I have tried it out for awhile, but for now I thought I would share just to be nice. They do not require and Adsense account.

It Is a Sad Day for Contributors

As I logged onto Facebook this morning, I saw a horrific disaster unfold before my eyes. The yahoo contributor network is closing it's doors to publishers forever.

I say this is horrific, because as I watched comments pop up on the goodbye letter that the YCN page posted, I realized just how many people were effected by this decision.

Hundreds of comments began to poor in about how the contributor network was providing people with enough money to pay their rent. One poor soul shouted in caps that she had over 1600 articles published with the platform, and she was going to lose it all.

Tears actually came to my eyes as I watched more and more comments flood in.

To make matters worse, the only explanation given was that they had decided to no longer support the "product".

As a long time contributor, I can attest to the fact that YCN has been having many technical issues over the last few months. Some of those issues seemed to pop up right after the bleeding heart virus took hold of Yahoo. This could be a coincidence, however I feel that maybe they could have accepted more accountability for being unable to make their platform run smoothly.

For the last 4 months contributors have suffered through unstable analytics, sparse assignments, slow moderation times, and late payments. It just seems so unfair to end it this way.

Maybe we can't get Yahoo back, but we can certainly move on to other platforms.


So Many Eggs in That Basket

If there is one thing we can all learn from this, it is that just because a company has reputable name, doesn't mean it is a reputable source of income.

Maybe reputable isn't the right word. In my personal opinion they could have been much more professional about this, but yahoo is still a big internet name. Just not for contributors.

Do you use more than one article platform?

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What To Do

Do your own research.

Articles are only one method of earning money online. When I say put your eggs in more than one basket, I am not just talking about the number of platforms you use to publish your articles. Seek out new ways to make passive income as well.

This should be an ongoing project. if Yahoo can fail like this, so can any other site on the web.

The Web is Still a Great Place to Make Money


Bubblews Welcome Video

Triond Tour Video

Hubpages Intro


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    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 

      4 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      I, too, wrote for YCN and had articles doing well there. I really feel for those who were counting on that income. Squidoo did much better for their writers by providing a migration path to a new home at HubPages. Yahoo just said goodbye, apparently with little thought of how their loyal writers would be affected.

    • zionsphere profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Oregon

      Thank you Shelpeare. I will take a look at those

    • shelpeare profile image


      4 years ago

      There is also Seekyt, Wizzley, Expertscolumn and a few others.


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