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Who is Jay abraham

Updated on January 24, 2013
Jay Abraham
Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham Introduction

Jay Abraham is America's foremost marketing expert when it come to uncovering hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, and profitable joint ventures.

His clients have included almost all of the Top 500 companies in America, and he has made millions working with business around the world and helped make in total all his clients more than 3 billion in additional combined revenue.

His Background

Jay started his initlal career in accounting, and started to notice that there was many underperforming business assets in the companies he was accounting for.

He started to work with business, in a joint venture position, which meant he would only get paid if they made money from his ideas, and they wouldn't pay him anything if they didn't.

All of his ideas are so simple that they are no risk to any company using them.

They involve cheap direct marketing.
Adjustments in Headlines for ads.
GIving 100% guranteed money back promises.
Writing your sales letters with more empathy.


He regularly runs seminars every year, charging at leat $15,000 for weekend attendance.

This might at first sound expensive, but his results will truly work if you use them.

You also recieve more than just a seminar too, telephone coaching, and the chance to network with like minded business people in various fields.


He has publish a set of audio cd's & tapes from each of his programs, so you can buy these too.

He has also published 3 books and recently published the best sellingĀ 

Sticking Point Solution

Which helps you survive during the tough economic times.


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