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Why AdBlock is a terrible invention

Updated on June 5, 2012

Today, most of the high-quality content on the internet can be accessed for free. It is possible to watch videos, log on to social networks and read tons of online articles for no charge at all.

But how can all this be free?

The answer is that nearly every webpage you see contains advertisements. Everything that is good and free on the internet is funded by advertising. Advertising is what makes the internet in its current format possible. Without it, you wouldn't be able to do all of these incredible things for free. Just because of little banners or boxes with pictures or text in a corner of a site.

The only problem with this is that some people find this mildly annoying and thus downloads a browser extensions called 'AdBlock'.

AdBlock removes all ads from all websites and currently has about 10 million users on Google Chrome (we can assume that is has just about the same number of users on the other major browsers combined, so in actuality, about 20 million people probably use AdBlock).

Each internet user is responsible for the ads-publishing websites' earnings. You earn them money simply by viewing and clicking on their ads.

What happens if you use AdBlock?

Now, if we say that each person on the internet provides earnings for websites equal to 5 dollars amonth, the 20 million people using AdBlock would be responsible for internet companies losing 100 million dollars every month. That is a gigantic amount of money. And all this is thanks to an application, people download because they find little banners mildly annoying. This annoyance is quite understandable, but considering the huge losses the internet suffers because of AdBlock, it probably isn't such idea to use it.

You may be thinking something along the lines of "It doesn't make a different if I just use it. I'm just one person." But think of it this way: When you use it and recommend it to your friends, they will start using it, too. Then they tell their friends, and you've started a chain.

If just 20% of the internet users in the world started using AdBlock, you would seriously begin to see websites disappearing, and content creators would stop creating content because they wouldn't make any money any longer.

For example, I wouldn't be writing this article because I wouldn't be able to make money from the ads that are displayed here.

To sum up, AdBlock is basically destroying all the principles of the internet.

Please beware that if you use AdBlock, you are not supporting the internet probably. It is your own choice if you want to use the application, but you remove your support to all the free things you love and use everyday by doing so.


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    • profile image

      Greg 2 years ago

      Hundreds of millions of people still just straight up steal content through piracy and don't give a single damn about it; what makes you think they care about ad revenue? They want free crap and couldn't give a piss about "content creators".

    • profile image

      Frank Rizzo 3 years ago

      These so-called 'free' sites are not free if they are supported by ads. Some arguments:

      1) Ads take up bandwidth. Many ISPs meter their bandwidth. Although minuscule, each individual ad does add up.

      2) Secondly, they take up time. If one is forced to watch a 15 second video to see a 'free' video, then the amount of time watching ads watch add up. My time doing something I don't want to do (dealing with ads, for example) is not free.

      3) Some ads are overly intrusive. There are ads that block the entire page. There are annoying ads that play sound as soon as you open the page.

      If the ads were small, did not overpower the content by being overly obtrusive, were simple JPG or PNG images... I might not mind them. As it is, many sites like to use those fancy flash-driven noisy annoy-fest ads. If you are upset because I'm adblocking your ads, you have those ass-clowns to blame.

    • profile image

      Joe the Internet User 3 years ago

      Ad blockers are here to stay, period (or full stop if you prefer UK English). Webmasters and others internet profiteers undoubtedly can and will cry foul, but this does not change the aforementioned fact. There are countless examples of industries that were once very profitable, but are no longer so.

      Part of the initial appeal of the internet for consumers was the lack of advertising. If one wanted a product or service, the consumer sought out and took their business to the appropriate provider. As web based advertisements sprouted up and became increasingly obtrusive, the use of ad blockers inevitably increased as a result.

      Did VCR’s, PVR’s, and ad other ad-skipping technology kill television? I hardly think so. Moreover, ad blocking software will not kill the internet. Entrepreneurs will continue to develop innovative ways to monetize their business model. Notwithstanding, change on the internet is constant and fast paced. It is therefore to be expected that a particular business model will not be indefinitely feasible. At the end of the day, businesses cannot force a desired behavior (or lack thereof) upon consumers, nor can they control long-term economic trends.

      Millions of workers have lost their jobs due to the decline of the manufacturing base, automation, and so forth. When their line of work was no longer in demand, they were forced to transition into different careers. The same might inevitably come to pass for many webmasters and other internet profiteers in the coming years. Thus, if ad blockers are making it difficult or impossible for you to make money on the internet, you can find another line of work, as millions before you have had to do. Get over it.

    • profile image

      Christian Meister 3 years ago

      mildly annoying is not true those banners use more than 20% of the space on some sites and the most annoying they have moving content that distracts from reading an article.

      this is not acceptable

      I love my adblocker

    • profile image

      albert 3 years ago

      i am reading this with adblocker on lol

    • profile image

      Kopi 3 years ago

      bullshsit, these companies are making BILLIONS already. i refuse to sit and cry for their lost profit which in anyway is peanuts.

    • profile image

      A.J. 3 years ago

      Adblock users are scum.

    • profile image

      Ryan 4 years ago

      Its articles like this that make me want to use every ad-blocking extension that I possibly can.

    • profile image

      ASD 4 years ago


    • profile image

      MeGusta 4 years ago

      i use adblock and i'm not responsible for your loss.

      i'll stop using it when you people make ads decently.

    • profile image

      zcsc 4 years ago


    • profile image

      John F 4 years ago

      I haven't clicked on single advertisement or bought something BY an internet advertisement, So basically i use adblock.

    • profile image

      ME 4 years ago

      nowadays ads being so intrusive., when i tech my student using internet "imagine the pornography adds come out" !! think about our next generation. .I hope you get what i m trying to say,..

    • profile image

      i call lies 4 years ago

      soo a dvr is also as corrupt. fuck commercials, fuck ads... i buy things i need regardless of who forces images in my face. i want doritos, it wasn't because the commercial/ad told me. its because they were on sale. so did the guy who invented http do it all for the money. the corporations are leading you into thinking without them its apocalypse. why don't you write an article for dvr's as well. set your benchmark lies, and look the other way. advertising is everywhere. the work of the small crushing the might of the many. page clicks and advert lies to line your pockets as well. couldn't get a real job. is this an effort at the new journalism? opinion fluff pieces?

    • profile image

      Huh 4 years ago

      I will stop using it when the ads stop being so intrusive.

    • profile image

      asshole 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Morfeo 4 years ago

      AddBlock is Amazing and we gonna still using it F U !

    • profile image

      Fuck you 4 years ago

      Ok so there is around 400 million chrome users, so 10 million use adblock , and your complaining? That's about 2.5% all chrome users using adblock meaning a 2.5% decrease in ad revenue. Tight cunts ,why should be considerate? We are already bombarded by ads in other media. The internet is for everyone, corporations can continue to smear it with there adverts but thankfully we have a choice not to see them.

    • profile image

      Charlie 4 years ago

      Youtube ads is the only reason I want to add Adblock

    • profile image

      Jim Kirk 4 years ago

      I remember Ads in the early days of the Internet. They were mildly annoying but were no big deal. Then flash came along and all hell broke loose, advertisers were able to make moving, flashing (remember the "you have won the 1,000,000th visit ads?) adverts.

      Yes adblock may have cost the internet advertisers millions, but it their own fault for being greedy and stupid about the ads nature.

      I will continue to use Adblock forever now, there is now way I want endless flash movies gobbling up my bandwidth and slowing down my browser.

      There is also the issue wherein an ad provider gets hacked into by having poor security and gets malware piggybacked into its ads.

      No thanks.

    • profile image

      e-wing 4 years ago

      Ok, I seem to remember a time in the not so distant past that I could go on YouTube and watch a video without having to watch a 30 second ad before every video, and then have to close several banners during the video. The reason AdBlock exists is because advertising has gotten completely out of hand. It's become absolutely obnoxious and shameless. A few years ago, advertising on the internet was much more subtle; a couple banners off to the side, a suggestion here and there, and it was totally fine with everyone. Now it's shoved down your throat and held in your face, Clockwork Orange style. The invention of AdBlock was a completely inevitable reaction to this more than "mildly annoying" display of greed and shamless advertising.

      If advertisers get a grip and tone it down, I will stop using Adblock. Until then, it's staying right where it is. Let me also point out that you can customize AdBlock, and disable it for websites that you wish to support. Maybe ones that don't use such obnoxious advertising techniques.

    • profile image

      Jimmy 4 years ago

      No one likes ads. I rather pay for good services. The good thing with services which you have to pay for is also that they don't primarly focus on placing the best fitting ads in the front of your eyes. Let's create a web with truly good services!

    • profile image

      Ludichris1 5 years ago

      One thing I think has been forgotten is that many of these ad companies are REALLY big, like AdChoices for example, among others, that cover many, many web sites. Heck, Google has ITS own ads too. Start shutting those big boys down and the internet gets a whole lot worse than trolls and duckfaces :p

    • profile image

      hero 5 years ago

      actually they still would be free because they track down everything you do with your computer and sell that info to all bidders

    • profile image

      BuZz Shiro 5 years ago

      The great thing about the internet is that a lot of it is free, ads everywhere are like them annoying people that stop you in the street and try to get you to buy things you don't want. If you want to make money then sell a product or service.

    • qarin profile image

      qarin 5 years ago from London

      I agree with some of the things you wrote down. I wouldn't say AdBlock is destroying the principles of the internet though...

    • profile image

      Johan N. Andersen 5 years ago


      To cut it out very clear for you, if more people starting using Adblock, both Google Search Engine and Facebook would become paid services.

      All nice internet services which you love would HAVE to be paid services. Wouldn't you rather just have free services with a few ads?

    • tskjaer profile image

      tskjaer 5 years ago from Denmark

      Hello Bob. I'm sorry that I infuriated you in such away.

      This article was meant to explain the basics of AdBlock and how the majority of free quality content on the internet is funded by ads.

      The figures are merely examples. You do, of course, still have all rights to use AdBlock if you don't want to support content creators, but I withstand my point.

      I know that the principles of the internet are more than just monetization of content, but it is a big part of the internet.

    • Bob Ferreira profile image

      Bob Ferreira 5 years ago

      I've never read a hub that made me more annoyed by the subject matter. This hub makes no sense, and the figures used therein are made up and don't prove a thing.

      The fact that, to you, the "principles of the internet" basically amount to commerce (because using AdBlock means people don't make money) and not that it's just about the sharing of information means that you don't understand the basic principles of the internet yourself.

      I think you should have just come out and said, though "Please don't use AdBlock on my HubPages because I want to make money," because that's really what this was all about. It's almost enough to make me wish I was using AdBlock when I came across your page, because I wouldn't want to further your greed and take those couple extra pennies from my Hub Hopping.

      But, it was such an infuriating hub to me that I have voted it up, because it least it sparked an interest. So good job there.

    • profile image

      Johan N. Andersen 5 years ago

      So true. In fact everyone reading this should share it, so all the ignorant people hopefully will understand it.