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How & Why I Was Promoted Into The Management Team.

Updated on December 11, 2017

Why Supervise or Manage?

Recently at the Home Depot distribution center supply chain facility #5023 in Dallas, Texas, the entire U.T.I. Logistics staff, which is contracted by The Home Depot (THD) with the day-to-day logistical operations for 110 THD stores in the region, (also to which I am an employee) was asked during a town hall meeting to apply for open supervisor/managerial positions within U.T.I., which would allow for further growth for employees within the company. A fellow associate leaned over and asked me why would anyone want to do that considering the pressures, liabilities and responsibilities the position will demand? The answer hit me like a ton of bricks before he could finish his negative rant. Opportunity.

A Priceless Debt

I owe a debt of gratitude and appreciation to the people who paved the way for me to be who I am today and where I will be tomorrow. I owe it to my grand-mother, Ms. Wade who came to Dallas on a Greyhound bus with $6 in her purse, having traveled pregnant with my unborn father and with her 4 young children by her side, only to years later become a respected RN nurse at a major metropolitan hospital. I owe it to my great-grand father, Mr. Hicks, who served his country and fought in World War II, owned and operated a Mobil gas station in Dallas for 23 years and who always preached to my younger brother and myself the importance of hard work, integrity and determination. I owe it to the human resources manager De'Ann, who interviewed me, gave me an opportunity by hiring me and recognizing my potential form day one. Our operations manager Mr. Mack, who told me months ago,"...either you change the people, or you change the people." That profound statement has and will resonate with me for life. I owe it to my grand-mother, Ms. Hicks, who adopted and raised me, taught me to have very detailed moral values, to be optimistic when surrounded by pessimistic individuals. To be humble and have compassion and support for my friends, family and everyday people in society, and to always walk in love. I owe it to all of them and more to try to become more and to do more in this life I have been blessed to live. To use my intellect, drive, energy, and focus to motivate me to be successful beyond their dreams for me, as all parents have for their children. I will forever be grateful and my moral obligation, to everyone who has influenced me in one way or another, will drive my ultimate success in life.

The Path of Motivation & Ambition

Claiming a management position will propel me into another realm of opportunities and change the mindset of having a 9 to 5 job, into having and building a foundation for a career with a brighter future for my family and myself. Since being hired over a years ago, I have acquired a vast degree of knowledge and learned skills in every department in the facility. My knowledge of the entire logistics supply chain operation is only matched by the 2 individuals who trained me. I learn quickly and efficiently, with a strong work ethic and a deep thirst for knowledge, I excel in any working environment.

I take great pride when I can make a positive contribution to the overall operations doing my work and I have the honor of being one of 2 individuals who has been cross-trained in every department in the facility, making me a valued asset and not just another employee. I enjoy working with my fellow employees and I cater to their needs whenever possible. I am confident in my abilities and that I could successfully manage, supervise and excel at it as I have at every job, position, or responsibility I have ever earned. Leaders always have to be willing to put their reputations on the line. Effective leaders understand the different ways that professionals in all areas of a business approach business problems. I do desire to do more challenging and rewarding work that will increase my value to the team, motivate my team and peers and satisfy my will to succeed. I am always working with a motivation, ambition and drive straight from my core values of God, family, work and health.

Opportunity Supports Success

Our jobs are our homes away from home. Some of us spend more time at work with our co-workers than we do with our families, yes; but our actions serve a higher purpose. We all have goals, dreams, motivations and aspirations beyond where we are today. When opportunities and blessings present themselves, you grab them quickly and show what you are made of to take control of your destiny. It is an honor to be trusted with the responsibilities of leadership. We must establish the foundation for the future for ourselves and our children with the decisions we make today.

So when I was asked that question about why apply? Why not! As the saying goes, opportunity plus preparation equals success. When opportunity presents itself, be prepared. Because success is sure to follow.


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