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Why Be A Cop

Updated on December 15, 2011

Officer Friendly

Nobody likes cops until you need one!
Nobody likes cops until you need one!

I Want To Be A Cop

Have you ever wondered why anyone would want to become a cop? It seems like a thankless job with long hours and dangerous duties for the modest starting pay. To top it off - the jokes about cops and donuts are never ending.

In their innocent play little boys and girls the world over pretend play many different roles, including being a cop. Mimicking what they see on TV, read in books and see in real life, one of the all time classic games played is cops and robbers. They all want to be the cop, the good guy, paramount to a real life super hero. Deep in their hearts they want to help the victims and emerge triumphant.

The police cars, lights and sirens, the uniform, chasing bad guys, the handcuffs and guns they all scream action to all guys not just little ones and some girls too. The show of physical strength, power and prowess, helping to fight crime are alluring traits to those wanting to be cops. At some point the desire to play turns into something more, a deep desire to protect and serve. Those little guys are now big guys in need of a career. What better job than the one they pretend played as youngsters, except now they can don the real gear.

Even if childhood played no part in your desire to become a cop you might think it a rewarding, exciting and an honorable career later down the road. Many influenced by family members and friends in the field may see it as a worthy opportunity to look at getting into law enforcement. If you are lucky enough to have known all along that you wanted to be a cop when grown up, have kept that mindset throughout youth and managed to keep your nose clean you are in a good position and might just have the qualifications to get into the law enforcement field and have a stimulating career.

Going into public service is admirable. It takes a strong minded and determined individual to go the cop route career. Cops sometimes get a bad rap, some people view them with disdain believing they feel superior and the badge they wear makes them feel omnipotent. While that may be true of some cops remembering there are bad apples in every field, the majority provide a great service with pride and with the publics best interest at heart. The abuse they take from the public sometimes can be a bit much to tolerate but the dedicated ones remain because of the occassional thanks they get.

The field has become more competitive and although degrees are not required, departments will select candidates with degrees and military experience over those without to put through their Police Academy as they have more to offer. In the alternative you may put yourself through the Academy at your cost, become certified and then apply for a job. Go here to find Police Academies in Florida. Be ready for a thorough background check and intensive training.

A starting cops salary at the level entry pay varies from city to city. Higher pay is better in the larger cities but with time and performance you will fetch you a nicer salary with plenty of benefits. Health insurance, gym memberships, special events and overtime pay all add to up and make for an attractive package. The fraternity amongst cops all help make the decision to become a cop more appealing. Long term goals of making detective or SWAT are also great incentives. Other law enforcement positions to consider would be State Highway Patrol or Federal Police.

If you would like to be a cop or look into the possibility, the best way to go about it is to look up the sheriffs website in the area you are interested in becoming a cop. Make sure you meet the requirements, download a pre application and submit all necessary personal information. If you are eligible and the department is hiring this serves as a prescreening for potential candidates. As an example you may view the kind of information they will ask for at Monroe County Sheriffs Office.


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