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Why Build A Video Niche Site?

Updated on April 8, 2009


The technology available today for one !

U-tube comes to mind when I think of a video niche site,and a few others also,and they all provide many people as well as groups of people the ability to communicate their views on everything from Apples to zephers.I particularlly like to use the search box provided,to find all the videos that are not in their listed contents drop down menu's It's hard to find something,unless you know what your looking for and I love search boxes ,and programing.language suggestion text.

I like the info section with a description of the video and links to website's or pages where i can get more information.

Sometimes I will come across a series of videos,that are numbered,apparenty the individual or group that posted them ,didn't have enough hardrive space and or computer memory to create a long video,so they sent a series of shorter numbered videos instead.The numbered videos are not usually so easy to find,so some individuals actualy put up links to all of their numbered videos in the info section alongside the videos ,which makes it a lot easier to find them.That's fine,but I've made a website listing of my own offsite ,so I could go to all the various videos offsite,without trying to search for them again, saving time on my part when I want to see the same video's again.


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