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New Mobile Marketing Techniques Double The Clickrates, And Prevents Failures That Cost You Hundreds Of Dollars

Updated on April 2, 2014

Mobile Marketing has higher conversion rates

Mobile marketing allows businesses to promote their products to targeted audiences easier. This is in part because they can reach their audiences in real time instantaneously and do things like present relevant content during a live event such as the Super Bowl where they can offer products relating to the event or give their audience a chance to play games or contests related to the event to win things like free pizza if it’s a pizza company.

Plus, businesses can do Facebook chats or other instant communications to help build their brands quicker and easier. All of this translates into loyal customer and a better return on investment for marketers. Engaging the customer this way has been shown to help build a brand much faster than other forms of advertising, and it’s much cheaper too. A marketer learns their customer’s needs, likes, dislikes, etc. and can use that info to develop better products and services.

Mobile marketing is doing wonders

Mobile marketing is doing wonders for all kinds of businesses large and small. One reason for that is because studies have shown that about one in four people world-wide either own or have access to smart phones or some other sort of mobile device. With a market this large, it would be crazy for any business to ignore such as great opportunity to use mobile marketing campaigns.

Statistics are Huge for Mobile Device Usage

Studies from 2012 showed that 80 percent of smart phone owners never leave home without out it. Smartphones have become the norm and you see them literally everywhere whether it is at home, in the airport, in stores, while waiting at the bank or doctor, etc. In fact, the study went on to say that more than one-third would rather give up their television instead of having to turn in their smartphone!

Nearly two thirds of the smartphone owners access the Internet on it several times a day and then use it to send emails, search for things on Google, go to social networking accounts or go to video sharing sites. All of this makes it simple for all kinds of companies to do mass types of advertising and get the attention of a targeted audience through mobile marketing methods.

Strategies of the Best Mobile Marketers

The best mobile marketers are use progressive strategies. This means that they start small with sending texts to their customers and letting them opt-in for getting more content in the future. Then, they may use pre-programmed calling to selected customers, and progress on to allowing them to download content like videos on their mobile websites. All of this helps to build a company’s network.

In order to use mobile marketing successfully you must put together a good database. In order to make it more than just a huge number of cell phone numbers, you should get your customers and potential customers to opt-in so you can send them frequent texts or other content. You can entice new customers to do this by putting QR codes on your packaging or on posters in stores or at airports and bus stops. Then, they can download coupons or discounts and that can get them hooked into going to your website and possibly becoming paying customers.

Mobile marketing strategies can fail if you merely randomly send content to people. They will get annoyed and that doesn’t build good customer relations. Customer want interesting information, along with coupons, discounts, funny little greetings, etc. Act like a friend, not a no-name business person. It will help your ROI increase, as well as make for happier clients.

Mobile marketing strategies are an effective way to broaden your customer base; however, in order for these strategies to be successful, they have to work on multiple mobile platforms. If not, you risk losing customers due to technical problems.

Social Media Engagement

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Use Mobile Apps to Direct Customers

Another great thing for businesses is all the new and available mobile apps. If you want more customers then create a mobile app that is able to be used by customers that gives customers something they can use. For instance, Barnes and Noble offers free WiFi in their bookstores, but if you have one of their mobile e-reader Nook devices, it can also pick up exclusive content about the store and be used to download e-books, etc.

The bottom line is that yes, Mobile Marketing is effective for all types of companies and they need to get on the bandwagon and develop a mobile campaign now!

Are big companies using Mobile Marketing?

When it comes to using Mobile Marketing methods, it’s not only small businesses that do so. In fact, many well-known big businesses have branched out into using mobile marketing and it has worked out extremely well for them. Here are some examples of how big companies are using mobile marketing:

Heineken Beer

Heineken uses mobile marketing somewhat like Pepsi does so people can access their features while watching things on TV like football games. They let customers play games during a real game to predict things that happen in the game. This is fun for customers and helped brand image and recognition.

Hilton Hotels

The Hilton hotels chain efficiently uses text messaging to attract potential and regular customers. They use this opportunity to give people information on things like discounts and reduced rates that can only be accessed through the texts. They also take advantage of sending these out at a time of the day when people are likely to be looking for hotels for both business and leisure travel.

McDonald's Restaurants

McDonald's restaurants uses mobile marketing by printing things like QR codes onto their food packaging. When a customer clicks on it with their smart phone they sometimes win a prize or get a coupon or a lot of other types of things. This promotes customer loyalty.

Walmart Stores

Wal-Mart stores have mobile marketing tools that in the form of apps that help their customers to shop and find prices of things, etc. They also use mobile marketing to get people interested in upcoming sales and promotions.

Cornetto Projection Mapping

Overseas companies also use mobile marketing to help their big businesses. In Cornetto, Turkey an ice cream company called Cornetto Ice Creams started a projection mapping game for their customers. Five people could play at once and if they won they got a code for free ice cream. It didn’t need an app so it was easy for all mobile users to access and play.

The Mobile Market Is Endless

Mercedes-Benz India

The car company produced a mobile website that allowed their patrons to get information on their products, see pictures of the new vehicles in a gallery, and see pricing information and see information on area service centers. Plus they could easily get from their regular website to a mobile one.

Ford Motor

Ford has a My Ford app and it works with the Ford Focus electric cars. Owners can monitor the battery on their car, use mapquest, lock or unlock the car with their phones, and even find their car in a busy parking lot.

So, big companies definitely are using mobile marketing to their advantage.

Danoo Interactive Content

Another form of mobile marketing uses on-street experience. Danoo is a digital advertising solutions company and they used Bluetooth technology on their digital screens to let people download the same content they were watching on the TVs. They also gave them this content for free. Then, they could view it and it gave potential customers an idea of the type of work Danoo did and they could decide if they wanted to hire them. The screens were located in busy areas like cafes and airports. It was fairly successful and almost a third of the people downloaded the content.

AMC Theaters

The AMC theater chain offers customer a mobile application to buy tickets from their phones, watch trailers for movies, manage their loyalty accounts and find AMC theater locations. They say they do it because they want their customers to know that they can be wherever their patrons happen to be.

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures used NFC technology to get fans to tap their smartphones onto a screen at airports to download exclusive mobile marketing content about the Star Trek Into Darkness movie. This is like the technology that some people can use to pay for items at the checkout by tapping their phones on a display.


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