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Why Content Gets Demonetized and How to Remonetize

Updated on June 15, 2019
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With almost 20 years of Internet experience, I can help you find ligitimate ways to get money online and off.

It's a devil of a deal having your content demonitized. Potential money you coud be earning but aren't because of demonitization.
It's a devil of a deal having your content demonitized. Potential money you coud be earning but aren't because of demonitization.

What Could Demonitize Content?

Have you recently been demonetized? You know your contents are unique and not copyright infringing, nor did you have an excessive amount of clicks, so why did Google demonetize it? Maybe you posted a video or published an article that stirred up a lot of feelings in your readers or viewers. If you stirred up enough emotions, the reader or viewer may have felt the need to leave anger filled, hate-filled, discriminating, derogatory, abusive comments in your comment section. Maybe it is the content itself that is holding up the red flag for Google to come running over to take away your monitization. Either way will get your content or website demonitized.

Negative User Generated Content Equals Demonitized Content

No matter if you are in the USA or some other country, it's time to realize that free speech on the internet is not allowed. If you are trying to earn money via content creation, curation, or e-commerce you are going to need to derail any train of thought that could be considered as abusive, derogative, hate speech, discriminatory, or lets just say anti-anything in your content. Same goes for the user generated content such as comments and reviews. This includes any angry customers who may have bought a faulty product from your store and left a review saying the product was a piece of fill in the blank. I'm not saying you shoul delete any and all negative reviews of products, as you want to build a trust between your online store and it's customers to keep them coming back. I am suggesting that if you spot a comment that contains any abuse, hate speech, discrimination, etc. to consider deleting it. If you can't bypass negative speech in your writing or videos, like those I have mentioned, and you don't get rid of comments of that nature, getting demonitized will be inevitable.

Why Google Wants Positive User Generated Content and You Should Too

Advertisers make their money through the willingness of the target audience wanting to buy. The target markets' will to buy will depend on the page content the advertisement is placed on. Generally, negativity causes us humans to retract, and depending on the situation and subject, could even lead a person to become defensive or offensive. Last thing you or the advertisers want is a target market that is defending their wallet, or even worse, offending the advertiser with a boycott.

Revise to Abide and You Might Get Remonitized

If your articles, videos, or website has been demonitized, go through the content and scan it for negativity. I'm not saying you shouldn't put out controversial content like the news or whatever, as that would make the internet a little less interesting. Just revise your content to try to accomodate Google and the advertisers, maybe use some double talk and linguistics to get your message out there. Once you have revised your content, you can ask Google to consider remonitizing that page.

Follow Policy or Get Disabled

If you are trying to remonitize a website, video, or article that was demonitized, simply resubmit it to Google's Adsense, or go to your YouTube Analytics if you're on YouTube, when you are certain that it will pass Google's AI (artificially intelligent) web crawler. You want to make sure it will pass and that you continuously check the content for any new negative comments that could get you demonitized again as Google only gives so many chances before they disable your Adsense account. If your account has already been disabled, you can try to open a new Adsense account but if the AI finds a disabled account belonged to you or someone related to you they will either not accept your application, or they will disable the new account as well. I suggest you try out Kontera Ads, Adbrite, Clicksor, or other companies that are like Adsense if you want to monitize your content again.

Does Google AdSense Pay if the Account Gets Disabled?

Now, I can't tell you whether or not you will get any of the money you earned through Adsense once they have disabled your account, as I have been lucky enough to not get any blemishes on my account (knock on wood). Maybe if you've had the misfortune of Google disabling your account, you can tell me in the comments below how Google handles that. Though, the Adsense policy states if you meet or go over the payment threshhold and you have terminated your account you will get paid, it doesn't say what happens if Google terminates your account. Thus my guess is that you will most likely loose what ever income you may have earned, especially if it didn't meet the pay threshold.

A Banned Account Could Become a Valuable Lawsuit.

If your account has been banned or terminated, you really should do your best to get all the information and evidence you can as to why your account was banned or terminated to discover if there has been any discrimination or violation of the account contract. Say you made a post that someone flagged because they found it offensive, and your account got banned. Discrimination could very well be the cause of the banned account, and with the millions of internet users around the world there could very well be even more offending posts made by other users, giving you the evidence you need for a discrimination lawsuit.

If you have evidence that your account has been discriminated against, you can file a civil discrimination lawsuit against the company in your local district court house. If you don't have the money to file the lawsuit you can file for indigency, which will alleviate the court costs. The same goes for a violation of contract just the name of the tort will be different. Do as much research on representing your case as possible, especially if you are taking on a technocracy such as Facebook, as it could be difficult to find a lawyer who is willing to take such a high profile case.

I hope this information about why your content got demonitized and how to get remonitized helps you out so you can get back to earning revenue.

If you enjoyed this article, or you found it useful or inspiring, please consider sharing it, like it, bookmark it, add a comment, or all of the above if you'd like. Thanks for sharing and for your feedback. I greatly appreciate it as it helps me to improve my writing so that it is more enjoyable and helpful for you. Thanks for reading, much love and best wishes for you and your journey to get money.


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