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Why Do We Live In A Box?

Updated on December 29, 2013


I have finally gotten the inspiration to write this article. It was actually inspired from frustration after I was told the following statement for about the gazillionth time!

"I wish I had your life!"

Just to explain a bit about my life, I am an American living in Australia. I met my Australian wife in 2008 and we were married in 2011.

I travel back to the states 4-6 times per year to see my two awesome boys who are 12 and 9. I try my best to get to Fiji at least once a year, for just a bit of fun!

I have a marketing company in Australia and a tax practice in the USA.

With that being said, what do people mean when they say they wish they had my life?

Hello From Steve

What Do They Want?

Do they want to do taxes? Do they want to travel? Do they want to do marketing??

Interestingly enough, in between writing the first few paragraphs and now, I attended a party where we had a conversation about this very thing! Coincidence you say? Hardly!

They all want choices!!!

The average person out there believes they have NO choices.

They are stuck in a dead end life, with a dead end job, and no choices!

This is what they believe. Therefore, this is their truth.

They are stuck so far in their truth that they actually believe there is different way.

People have said, well, I just can't get up and move to Australia! Well, why not? Here are some of the "reasons":

I have kids here.
I'm married
I have a good job.
I have friends.

Well, so did I!

The difference is that I did not lock myself in a box and believe that the world would end if I made a different choice.

What would happen if your company (that you are so devoted to) would say they are transferring you to Australia or you will be fired?

Would you go? Of course you would! You cannot possibly risk getting fired!!!

The great thing about the world is there are many choices.

Who said you have to be in one career your whole life?

Your friends will still love you, if they are true firends. Boy, did I learn who my true friends really were!

Your family will support you, if they love you! That was another eye opener for me!

Over 75% of the people surveyed said they hate their job.

What is holding them back from getting another one?

Too much debt? They would become homeless?

The "F" Word

The bottom line is fear!

Fear that they would fail.
Fear that their spouse would be mad.
Fear that they couldn't find another job.
Fear that they would have no money.

the best thing that ever happened to me is that I got fired from a job.

Guess what?

My eye did not pop out.
I did not starve.
My wife did not hate me.
My family did not disown me.
And the sun still came up the next day!

DARE to be someone different!
Dare to do something different!

and most of all...

DARE to create the life you deserve...on your terms!!!!

What Do I Do Next?

Great Question!

I suggest you write down 200 things you want to be do or have in the next 10 years.

If you are married, do this list separately, then sit and dicuss your two lists - you may be shocked!

Then, get my report! This is a small report called "Get Out of Your Box". I charge less than $2 for it. Why? Because if I gave it to you for free, you would not read it!

Start now on your best life ever. Click the DOWNLOAD link below to get started!



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