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Why Don't We Get What We Want?

Updated on May 19, 2012

Take a survey of 100 people. Ask the question, "do you have everything that you want?"

What do you think the results would be? I would say 100 percent of the people do not have all that they want. Does anybody ever? How much of what you actually want would satisfy you? 50 percent? 75 percent?

Ask a teenager and they will tell you they want it all! Ask a person in their 20's and they may say a bit less. In their 30's and up, it probably is less as they get older. The settle for attitude starts to kick in.

The question is "why does this topic matter?". My inspiration for writing this comes from a teenager who I went shopping with recently. We were able to procure all but one item of clothing she "wanted". The focus afterward was not on the 8 pieces of clothing she did get, but instead, on the ONE she did not get, but "wanted".

Sitting in a cafe in Australia at the moment. Watching the people of the world walk by. I cannot help but wonder if they are getting all that they want. Are they satisfied? Are they happy?

Are you, the reader of this article, happy? Getting all that you want? Does it matter that you are not? Does it matter that you are still wanting so much?

As I pondered this topic, I was inclined to go back to childhood. It seems to be the start of so many things! I believe our quest to have it all started when we got our first toy. The word "mine" was probably one of the first words used by infants. We attached ourselves to our toys. When we thought for any one moment that it could go away from us, we freaked. Remember those days?? We had to "learn" to share.

On top of that,, if someone else had a toy that looked better, we wanted that immediately , and all of a sudden, our other toys seemed unimportant. Our insatiable desire for more began. As we get older, we just gather different toys.

Now that we know the problem (in my opinion) , we can explore how to overcome it. I believe the major obstacle in not getting what we want is focus. Have you ever heard the saying "what you think about, you bring about"? If you don't believe that's true, look around your life. What you see (bank balance, health, etc) is a direct function of what you have been thinking about. If you have a low bank balance, explore your thoughts around money. Do you say things like, "I cannot afford that" or "I never have any money" or "i need more money"? Not only saying these things out loud will have an effect, but also thinking these thoughts to yourself are just as damaging!

Believing that,one can conclude that when we can control our thoughts, we can control our outcomes in life, and ultimately, get what we want. What do you want right now? How long have you wanted it? Is it time for you to get it?

One simple way to start is affirmations. Affirmations are simply statements that you repeat to yourself over and over all day long. This will begun reprogramming your sub conscience and ultimately what you get in life.

Here are some sample affirmations:

I love money and money loves me
I attract all the money I require
I make money easily
I am in perfect health
I am on my way to my ideal weight

Take control of your thoughts and get what you want!!!!!

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Secret To Happy Living


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