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Why I can't sell crack or be a banker

Updated on April 7, 2015

The two fastest ways to make money must definitely be selling crack or being a banker. Neither of these professions requires much effort or even education. All you need is some cash to start-off with and you are good to go. You can always find some fool to take a loan from you with thirty percent interest or to find some fiend to give you a hundred dollars for a gram of crack several times a day – that’s the nature of the business.

Either way if you are dealing with a crack-dealer or a banker you are most likely getting ripped-off and being suckered into a long-term relationship where by the end you can easily lose your car, house, life etc. The crack-dealer like the banker, wants you as their loyal customer: for life (until they throw you on the street because they have taken everything you own and they are done with you or you overdose)!

I must agree that chopping rocks is a more dangerous profession than selling derivatives because your competition carries guns and isn’t afraid to shoot. Bankers on the other hand do not often murder each other. That is a main difference I suppose: bankers stop just short of taking your life. That has no monetary value for them so they let you live. The crack-dealer though, doesn’t care much and if needed will take your life.

In terms of actual work: neither of them does much. Actually if you are cooking the crack you are probably putting in more effort than a banker because you do require doing something before the actual sale. The banker doesn’t make the money he sells; it is already made for him/her.

In both professions all one cares is about making profit with the least amount of risk. Generally the banker will have less risk involved because he/she is not seen as an outlaw. Ultimately his risk is with the customer who might not pay him/her back the profit he/she wants or the money that was lent-out.

The crack-dealer experiences the same problem and more though. Not only is he/she worried about being paid back the tabs they create for customers but there are many other things that have to be taken in consideration. The job is an illegal job thus, the possibility of getting arrested is very real. A price-war with competitors or a fight over customers can easily end in a gun-fight and that is nothing a banker would ever have to experience.

The mismanagement of money is a problem for the both. The crack-dealer spends most of his/her money on jewellery, cars, parties and lawyers that are supposed to keep him/her out of jail. In the end, dead or in jail the money accumulated will not help you if you’re selling rocks. The same goes for the banker who spends his/her money on lobbyists, planes and extravagant functions: none of the money accumulated will help them. In the end you hear stories such as the one about the entrepreneur from Yarm, near Stockton, who jumped from the top of the Coq d’Argent restaurant at no. 1 Poultry in London after hearing that he was going to lose his job.

I live in a fairly large city, I see both of these types of people around and from the outside they look very much alike. Both wear designer cloths. They hold fat cigars and drive flashy cars. They all look like they’re flying on Aladdin’s carpet and I am almost inspired to follow in their footsteps. Yet behind that façade is a nasty world of crippling lives, poverty, addiction and often suicide. I would have been either of them if I was fine with breaking people down and stepping on their heads to get higher.


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