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Why Logo Is Important For Brand To Have More Exposure And Recognition

Updated on May 5, 2021

A brand advertises its products using different methods and logos are one of the advertising methods. But many companies do not give much thought to using this advertising tool, which can be a great source of attracting new customers. Logos are used by companies to promote their brand and to have more exposure. In today’s world logo has become so important, that it is now considered as the brand identity. Through logos, the company can convey and reinforce its message to the customers, i.e. company vision and mission.

Due to the fact, that it is critical for the recognition of a company to have a good logo, companies try their best and spend lots of money on getting the logo just perfect for their brand. We have many live examples of this as how big companies like Apple, McDonald's, and other companies have put a lot of effort in coming up with a logo that is suitable for the brand. It is a way to highlight your brand name smartly and powerfully.


The Reason Why You Need Logos For Advertisements:

Logos play an important role in building a brand’s corporate identity for existing and new customers. Many companies are known for their famous logos like the M or McDonalds, and we remember it because that is what they emphasize in their ads. Therefore, it is a simple rule the more you advertise through the logo, the more will people be able to recognize your brand, and that is how your sales and profits will increase. Even many companies use trust logos that for the customer are a sign of safety and a respectable brand.

Brand Gains Exposure:

If you want your brand to have national and international reach, then all you have to do is make an attractive logo, and your job is done. You can then use that logo on all your outlets to expose your brand to the public. This was you would be able to gain the trust of the customers by different and continuous advertisement.

Connects with the Customer:

Customers can connect with your brand when you use logos to advertise your brand. They then get a better understanding of the product you are selling. This connectivity then leads to increased sales and goodwill among people. If the customer can connect with you on a personal level, then consider your job done. We all know how we get crazy when we see a McDonald's logo or its deals with its logo. Because mc Donalds has used this tool to expose their brand, which is working for them.

Makes Advertising Easy:

Since using a logo is an easy and shorter way of advertisement, as we are living in a fast pace world where no one has time to read a big fat advertisement. Therefore, a perfect logo design will help you in this regard and will communicate your message in much less time and that too effectively. People by just looking at your logo would recognize your brand, will quickly look at the day, and will get back to their work. Therefore, that is why it is easy to advertise by just using a logo in all your ads and on outlets.

Easier Content Marketing Plan:

Advertisements are a way to communicate with your customer about what your company sells and logos make it easier for you to advertise about your brand. By having a combination of logo and small text to convey your message to the potential customer, you will able to capture the market easily. Also, when making marketing content proofread it and make sure it is free from all types of spelling and grammar mistakes.

Things to Consider while Logo Designing:

Before you achieve any of the above-mentioned things, it's important that you come up with a perfect logo. For that, you will need to get it done by a logo design company that will help you to let your brand have a global reach. So it's important to consider the following aspect while designing a logo for your company;


So when deciding a logo, it's important to keep in mind that what your company does, the industry in which it's operating and how you can represent that in colors. You would have noticed that most food chains use the color red in their logo as it creates hunger like red is used by pizza hut, KFC, Mc Donalds, etc. However, car-manufacturing companies use silver, black, blue as they enhance the beauty of the cars. SO make a logo that is relevant to what you do and people always remember it.

Not time-bound:

One thing to keep in mind is that your logo should be timeless and not for a certain time of period. So make sure you plan for a long-term logo because logos are not changed and are hard to change because its logo recognizes a company and if you will keep changing that, how will you gain customers trust.

Customer Perspective:

When to sell a product, it's important that you think like a customer and before designing a logo think of all those things that a customer would want to see in your logo. So that they can connect with your brand and it looks professional to them.

How is it Different from a Competitor?

So before designing a logo, it's important to look at the competitor's logo and how can you make your logo different from the competitors yet that is also relevant to the industry norm. You can take some ideas from competitive logos and make your logo accordingly. Look for the things like the color used, the font used, what design has been used, etc.

Simple yet Stylish:

If you want to grab the attention of your customer, then you have to come up with something exciting and eye-catching, so the customer gets attracted to your brand. Your logo needs to be memorable, relevant for the long term and be impactful. Logos also have an impact on customer’s emotions like they feel happy or sad after looking at your logo.


The logo is a great way of image and brand building; it creates the reputation of a company in the eyes of the customer. So it's important to have a logo that is just perfect for your company and helps you with enhancing your business by giving you more exposure among the customers. It's important to have a logo that is professionally designed, memorable and is loved by the customer.


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