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5 Reasons Why Product Reviews Are Boosting Your Business

Updated on July 27, 2020
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While it has become a custom among business owners to have reviews for their products or services on their website, most don’t really appreciate the importance and in turn, they don’t put too much effort into it. However, we are here to tell you that they are not just for the formality of your business but they actually play a huge role in increasing your new customers, making it imperative to consistently gain more of them.

Here are the top five main reasons why reviews are growing your business, even if you don’t realize it.

1. Establishes Trust and Credibility

When a customer comes to your website to learn about what you have to offer, most of them are not going to take your every word as the absolute truth. Whatever they are going to read, from the description to the features of your products, they will always have doubts about the legitimacy. To make things worse, another question that will spark in their minds is the quality of customer service: is it going to be a smooth transaction? Are there any hidden charges?

All of those doubts are silenced when they read impartial opinions, and that is where the feedback of prior customers get in the picture. The more positive reviews people read, the more assured they are of the consistency of service and product quality. This translates to getting your brand being trusted which in turn becomes a selling point when probable customers compare whatever you have to offer with the competition in the market.

To say the least, reviews play a huge role in converting probable customers to actual customers by giving them unbiased and real testimonies. This goes to say that reviews are not just essential, but the more the better.

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2. An Avenue For Improvement

You might have not realized this but you are constantly improving your services based on the feedback of your customers. It is easy to overlook this aspect despite being commonly practiced. Whether it may be a positive or negative review, you get an idea of what you are doing wrong or right and be able to make necessary changes to your business.

Now that you have realized what you have been unconsciously doing, it is time for you to give it more thought. Concentrate on understanding what your customers are saying. If they appreciate one thing, maintain it. If they have problems, change and improve it.

Business is a constant and ever-growing pursuit and the only way to survive is to adapt and give what your customers want. So, remember to always listen to whatever they have to say because it can mean between gaining more customers or driving out even the loyal ones. You can make it easy for them to do so by using a QR code generator to create and put a QR code on your products which they can scan to immediately leave a review.

3. Increased Transparency

When you give your customers the opportunity to voice out their opinions, whether it may be positive or negative, you are giving the impression to probable customers that you are transparent. What this means is that you are someone who has nothing to hide and is open to criticism and improvement.

Transparency is an essential factor in trust, and when people believe that you have nothing to hide, the more likely they are going to buy either your product or service, thus gaining you new customers. This creates a much bigger impact than you would think, according to a 2018 survey, 63% of customers are likely going to buy from online or Instagram stores that feature user reviews. Instagram QR codes for instance, that redirect to the product review page can be a great source of social proof for would-be customers.

And if that isn’t enough, transparency actually contributes to a customer’s positive experience with your brand. They tend to have lesser doubts in their minds, allowing them to shop comfortably which severely affects their purchasing decisions. They end up being more inclined to go with what you have to offer instead of looking for somewhere else. As a result, you are securing customers just from the fact that you allow reviews on your website.

Positive Review From A Customer

4. Social Proof

There is something that is called the mob mentality wherein it states that a person is going to be influenced by the opinion of the majority or of a crowd. The same impact can be a result of customer reviews and it is called as social proof. To simply put it, remember fashion trends, the more people that get into it, the more influential and widespread the impact.

In this perspective, your audience sometimes doesn’t look at your reviews as feedback but rather as votes. The more there are, the more likely they are going to be influenced to make a purchase. This is because it reassures them of their decision that they are buying something that is commonly sought out.

Reviews Showing Customer Photos

5. Creates Loyal Customers

You read that right, reviews don’t just influence probable customers to become actual customers, but also turns prior customers into loyal ones. When someone is given the opportunity to voice out their opinions, they start to feel valued and that in turn creates loyalty. As a matter of fact, 97% of customers either become or maintain loyal to a brand when that company implements their feedback.

Engagement is important and allowing customers to leave their reviews falls under that. To make it more effective, you can reply to the reviews, further giving customers the impression that whatever they have to say matters. This will lead them to believe that they have a personal relationship with the seller and that they feel the obligation to only come back to your products and services.

Customers buy more from your brand


With all that you have read, it is without a doubt that customer reviews are contributing massively to the growth and success of your business without you even realizing it. Therefore, it is time that you pay more attention to it by allocating resources, time, and effort in gaining not just more reviews, but quality ones. This is not just a matter of improving your business, but instead, it could either make or break your company.

Benefits Summary

Trust and Credibility
Reviews play a huge role in converting probable customers by giving them unbiased and real testimonies
Business Feedback
Knowing what your customers think allows you to further improve your product and services
Being transparent makes you more human in the eye of customers
Social Proof
Your customers are re-assured of their decision
Establish Brand Loyalty
When someone is given the opportunity to voice out their opinions, they start to feel valued and that in turn creates loyalty

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