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How and What Causes My Automobile Insurance Rate in North Carolina?

Updated on February 25, 2016

In existence is the North Carolina Reinsurance Facility which ensures all drivers (risky or not) have liability insurance. Frankly speaking, the worst to the best driver cannot be denied coverage. Due to the "Facility", variations in automobile insurance is limited. However, I will provide additional information to consider when purchasing automobile insurance to get the most affordable and adequate rate.

Most companies consider your credit history, your loss history (accidents), and your Department of Motor Vehicles record (incidents and/or tickets). A variation or unfavorable change in either three reports will reflect in one's insurance premium. If one's credit history isn't desirable, often one's business may be considered non-standard (higher risk) and this results in a higher premium. Conversely, if the individual has tickets or losses, a higher payment lasts typically three years from the incident date. However, depending on these three factors, the number of driver's within your household, and the vehicles operated, your insurance can be adjusted.

Often, people ride around with only liability insurance or the minimum required by the state.The advantage is a lower monthly bill, but the lack of coverage leaves the driver without help if he/she is the cause of an accident. In addition, hitting a deer or a weather related claim is completely out of pocket. If drivers are operating with liability insurance and only have one vehicle, it is highly recommended to at least have collision insurance. With collision insurance, at least one can be compensated for a wreck whether or not he/she caused the incident. Adding comprehensive coverage usually protects one from incidents that cause damage to the vehicle but weren't the result of a wreck (examples: hitting a deer, grocery cart hitting passenger door, and most glass damage). If a policyholder has more than one vehicle, discuss with household members or deliberate whether or not the oldest vehicles need to be fully insured.

The next topic I want to address is the amount of coverage one may need. Insurance is to many a state implemented nuisance but can come in handy when misfortune arises. The state requirement for bodily injury insurance is thirty thousand dollars per person but doesn't exceed sixty thousand dollars per occurence. If the injuries caused exceed the thirty thousand dollar limit for a single individual, the remainder could potentially be out of pocket. The minimum payout for property damage is twenty-five thousand dollars which covers most vehicles. However, if the driver is operating a more expensive vehicle, the limits should undoubtedly be increased for personal interest. Conversely, if you are confident in your driving abilities, you may want to keep the same coverage.The difference in raising the limits could be only a few dollars or cents a month. For individuals owning homes, properties, or businesses, I recommend at least a bodily injury limit of 100,000 dollars but not exceeding 300,000 per occurrence. If contemplating the insurance of a young driver, I recommend higher limits of liability insurance around the same proportions despite cost.

Throughout my article, I've provided some insight into what factors determine your insurance rate and how to purchase insurance. If you have addition questions please feel free to ask. Keep in mind, different factors effect insurance and these considerations will help in choosing the right insurance for you.


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    • Fahadbogger profile image

      Md Fahad Hossain 

      2 years ago from Bangladesh

      Thanks for your information.

      Here is more auto mobile insurance info


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