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Why To Use Software Marketplaces

Updated on March 24, 2014


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What is Software Marketplaces

In today’s highly competitive software marketplace, business owners, self-employed and individuals require all the benefits possible. One of the excellent places to buy and sell software more easily and quickly at the cost-effective prices is a marketplace. A software marketplace often defined as it is a place that offers software companies, software retailers or everyone a place where they can sell their software programs to the public, and buyers such as organizations, small and medium businesses, Individual entrepreneurs, or even big retails store owners can purchase them directly from providers or sellers. These days every business needs software application to support their business task and each department required some application to manage their work and ensure better output like HR department required HRMS software’s, Management required task management application etc.

Some of the major product categories in software marketplace include, Software infrastructure for application development, operating systems, databases, etc., Business software from intelligence to collaboration, e-commerce to storage and recovery and Developer tools like issue and bug-tracking, source control, monitoring and testing. Software’s can be installed many times and in several locations without the need for tracking or monitoring, like is typically the case with licensed software, which is a specific benefit for business companies.

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Why Use Software Marketplaces

You can Find and Buy Right Software for Your Business More Efficiently

Have you ever searched online to find out a particular type of software for your business needs? If yes, then you know how daunting and time consuming it is. However, software marketplaces aggregate as well as organize the business software landscape search functionality to assist businesses and users narrow down their searches, quickly and efficiently they can search by categories including type, keyword searching, search according to your business like Financial Services, Automotive, or browse category list, etc.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Today, it is a strongly growing marketplace like that frequently adds new software solutions before the businesses, and general people learn or know about them. They provide an easy, efficient way to buy software directly from the vendor. However, consumers of applications are able to purchase software’s without having to visit multiple places. For vendors, this marketplace gives a well-organized way to sell their products to consumers rather than getting individual orders from them.

Billing Software

Major Advantages Of A Marketplace For The Seller And Buyers

Advantages for the buyer

  • These marketplaces provide a comfortable as well as a convenient way to compare applications prices at a single place instead of spending time on multiple different sources.
  • Buyers get updated information on software prices, and the easy accessibility makes it easier to secure the great deal.
  • This marketplace also offers a big level of trust for the buyer as they are directly dealing or trading with suppliers who are members because no intermediaries are in between buyers and supplier in a marketplace.

Advantages for the seller

  • IT Professionals who want to sell will get requests for quotations from existing members or new client and customers regularly that will increase the sale.
  • It is an easy and cost effective way for sellers to promote their products and brand in comparison with various other sales channels like direct selling to customers, selling through intermediaries, etc.
  • The use of the software marketplace also gives opportunities for overseas sales that the seller never expected.

General benefits

  • It provides greater transparency for buyers in the purchasing process because accessibility, rates and supply levels are all reachable in an open environment.
  • It is feasible to operate on a continuous basis as time restrictions and problems for international trade are taken out.
  • It is one of the excellent ways to create value for your users, and allows every member to gain some value.

A Software Marketplace enables both buyers and sellers to come together at a place and do business. Orders of buyers are tracked and emails are generated to inform both the parties of each order. Members can manage their accounts easily as well as can log in to check in on shipping status, order status and communicate with software sellers anonymously.

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