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Why We Procrastinate… Fear.

Updated on April 9, 2018
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Don’t you often feel that something is holding you back from doing certain things in your life? Sometimes we blame our laziness and procrastination, but is that really the issue? Well, I’m here to tell you that we can blame our fear for our inaction, not our laziness or procrastination. Not just any type of fear however, but specific fears we all tend to have at points in our lives. Don’t believe me? Keep on reading.

Procrastination, laziness, and inaction are just symptoms of our fear and anxiety. We fear taking action even if we feel things are important and we know what to do. Let me explain.

Consider we want to gain muscle to increase our confidence. We know what we need to do, workout; and we know it will help our confidence levels, but we still don’t go to the gym. What’s wrong?

Is it lack of motivation? Let’s assume you really want to build muscle to boost your confidence levels. That means you have the desire to get fit, which is motivation. Plus, you don’t want to be self-conscious about yourself anymore, which should be even more motivation. So, motivation can’t be the issue. On the other hand, if you kinda want to build muscle and you kinda don’t, then you’re just indecisive, which brings me to my next point: fear.


Fear is what’s stopping us. We fear success, we fear failure, and we fear judgment. How does this affect our procrastination and inaction? See the following examples and maybe it will help clarify my point. A person procrastinating to go the gym to build muscle might say the following:

  • Fear of success: “If I go to the gym consistently and give it all my attention, my life will become more stressful and I can’t handle that right now.”
  • Fear of failure: “I don’t go to the gym because I’m afraid that I’m not going to give it my all or not go consistently. It would just be a waste of time.”
  • Fear of judgment: “I can’t go to the gym because I’m too skinny (or too fat) and people will judge me.”

Can you see how fear can stop us from doing what we know we should do? It’s simple for us to ignore these fears because we don’t want to face them head-on. So in turn, we avoid taking action.

Now that you know why you might be procrastinating and not taking action, you can make that slight mind shift to confront your fears instead of the tasks at hand. Remember, fear is only as deep as the mind allows, and who controls your mind? You!

Note: This is just a thought that I had as I reflected on some situations. Feel free to critique this idea and let me know what you think.

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