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Why Write Something that Has Already Been Said?

Updated on December 6, 2009

Most people that want to create a blog or a web site have problem find new material to post. They spend a long time thinking about what they should write about, and finally conclude that there is nothing new to be said about some topic.

What many of these people fail to acknowledge is that there is no need to create something totally new to have valuable material.  The reality is that when creating a blog or even a book, you just need a few nice ideas.  There are plenty of books that are good, even though they have only one central idea that is interesting.  

For example consider "who moved my cheese". This is a book that has sold millions of copies all over the world. However, it has only a single central idea that is explained in less than 100 pages.  

What People Are Looking For

Most people are looking for something to improve their lives. Even if all they get from a book is a single idea, if that idea can help them save or make some money, then the price of the book was paid off several times. The very fact that one new idea was presented that a person didn't know of can make a huge difference in the lives of your readers.  

That is why you shouldn't be afraid of writing something that was said by somebody else.  

Notice that this is not just a phenomenon occurring on business and entertainment. The same happens on technical and scientific writing all the time. For example, think of how many books on elementary math there exists. Seemingly, the last time a new formula was created that needed to be added to elementary books was many centuries ago. However, new books are appearing every day, and they never seem to stop being written.  

The reason why this happens is that each person has a different way to learn and understand basic facts. Also, different professors teach in slightly different ways -- everyone need diversification in their lives.  

Therefore, never be afraid to write something, even if you think that someone else wrote it. As long as you write it with your own words, you should be willing to contribute to society by writing and publishing your ideas.  


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