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Why You Should Leave Your Job if You are Unhappy?

Updated on July 20, 2012

It seems common to everybody that the job that makes them financially independent can be the source of heartbreak or misery. Most likely, people who resent their jobs have valid reasons on why they want to leave. People often complain about the feeling entails with their work. Most workers who are depress, unsatisfied and sad with their current work situation are likely to leave. It is better to leave the job than work in the environment that makes them down or depress. Apparently, people who see the needs- quit their job for several reasons. Some of these reasons are quite personal. Dead end jobs without promotion is a valid reason why quitting is an option. Low paying job is also another reason to leave.

If you are unhappy and discontented with your job, it is time for you to leave. Do not wait for another month to look for another job. Would you allow your job to torment the remaining days of your life? Life happens only once. You need to do the things that you like to do before depression hits you to the core. If you think that you need to do something else than staying in your job, you seriously need to get it done. What happens if you keep on dreaming for another job but, you're still working with your current job? It would not help you emotionally. It will not help you grow professionally as well.

If you are discourage with your job, it's time for you to quit. If you hated your job, dreaded to wake up every day because you don't like to see your boss again, start looking for another job. What is the purpose of waking up every morning yet you feel down every time you got to work. It's like eating a poisonous apple every day without even realizing that it can poison your body.

Job burnout is normal for people who seek challenging task. If you feel that you need more challenging job than the one you have right now, it's time to look for another job. Try to reassess yourself of what job do you want. This will help you avoid the same pattern of what you are experiencing right now. You can only experience satisfaction in your job if you are searching for it. If you're waiting for the miracles to happen that could change your job situation, wait until pigs fly.


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