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Why do you need a capture page?

Updated on September 10, 2016

So, what is a capture page?

What is a capture page?

A capture page is a landing page, also called " a lander", with the purpose of capture the capture pages visitors details to build your list of subscribers. The capture page should have a attention grabbing headline text to awaken the visitors curiousity so that they want to learn more about the offer you are sharing. In other words you want them to stay on your page for a while and fill in the form on your capture page so they can receive that information they are searching for. A good capture page should have text that is relevant to the offer you are promoting of course.

Your capture page also needs a eye catching beautiful background image that captures the viewers liking and attention. A capture page is so much more valuable then just to be using a standard companys corporate website,as it helps you build your list of subscribers. This way you can send them new information as long as they are subscribed to your newsletter. Every serious online marketer should use capture pages to build their list. To have that big success within online marketing it is so important that you at all times are building that list of yours. On your capture pages opt in form you can have the choices for the possible lead to fill in the fields for their name, email adress and phone number for instance, but I would recommend that you just use a field for their email adress. That way they might be more willing to fill in the form and subscribe to your list. The colors you are using for the text on your capture page also play its role when it comes to the amounts of opt ins being made. Your color of your page should match the color of the buttons on your page. Blue and yellow seem to be colors that converts well when we are talking about buttons on your capture page.

Why do you need one?

Why you need one

As I mentioned earlier on this page, a capture page is crucial when it comes to building your list and your income online. Having a responsive list means that you have a big group of potential buyers at your disposal. Although you should avoid being spammy in your messages to your list, you in fact can make money each time you click on send through your autoresponder. That is, if you have the right kind of knowledge how to make this all happening. If you do not know how to write emails to your list that will motivate them to buy from you,then I advice you to invest a ad copywriting course or similar. if you do not have a capture page for your business then you are losing out big time on leads and sales.

Getting people to opt in

Lead magnets

To motivate your pages visitors to subscribe to your list you should take advantage of the use of lead magnets. A lead magnet is something that you give away for free to your subscribers. It can be a ebook.a video training, a audio recording etc. So you mention your free gift on your capture page to motivate people to sign up for your newsletter. When you are using a lead magnet to get more subscribers then it is a good idea to add an image of that ebook on your capture page. The text on the button subscribers click on to subscribe and get their free gift could be "send me the free ebook now" or something similar.

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Where to get one?

There are many suppliers of capture pages and a free method of collecting leads is to put a subscription form at your blog. You are able to set up such a form with the help of the many autoresponder service providers out there. If you have a blog then you should set up a subscription form on that blog to generate even more leads. At some suppliers of capture pages you can even access free capture pages, but for more advanced capture pages you in most cases will have tp pay a fee for your membership.

Tracking conversions


When you have a capture page you can track how well it is converting,this is very useful for any online marketer so that they can improve their capture pages design to be able to generate more leads through their pages..


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