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Why certain games can be used as a test of certain qualities which are good for business.

Updated on July 26, 2015

Why people who are good at certain games can show certain qualities, like problem solving

First of all, I am not applying this to everyone who plays video games, but it could be applied to quite a lot of them.

The main thing is that gamers can be used in creative departments because they are able to think on their feet and adapt to a given situation, as well as use strategic thinking.

Also, if a gamer plays a variety of video games, then they will have to remember a variety of controls depending on the games, which can also be used in business to help improve certain aspects of how a company works.

Another reason why I believe some people that play video games can make good employees is if you are a good player of something like Tetris, then it could show logical thinking and possible problem solving abilities. If used correctly, this can be a great asset for any business.

From my own personal experience, I have found that playing certain games has helped me in certain aspects of my school work, especially business because I used it as a way of helping me with the figures that were used in some aspects of the course.

Bloons Tower Defence 5
Bloons Tower Defence 5

What different games can say about your marketable skills

As I said earlier, Tetris is a good way of testing your problem solving skills and can show how quick a person is able to solve problems and think on their feet.

Another game that can show problem solving skills is Bloons Tower Defence, because you will have to show how you would budget the money you are given to purchase towers that would pop all of the balloons whilst losing as little lives as possible.

Both of these games help test a person's ability to work out certain situations and the ability to think on your feet, and in the case of Bloons Tower Defence, helping you plan and organise your finances.

Also, people who play on games such as Fifa or Call of Duty are able to make decisions quickly and just as effectively as people who don't play video games because of the fast paced nature of the games. I have also found that if I am able to relate things I do in my working life to things I do in my personal life then I enjoy work a lot more because I am having fun whilst doing menial tasks.

How can they help you improve your active brain activity at work

Whilst studying for my GCSEs and A-Levels, I found that playing Tetris helped me think more logically and be able to perform better in my exams.

It has also helped me when I have been doing specific tasks that requires putting things back together. For example, when I was helping my uncle fix my grandparent's roof, I was able to figure out which type of tiles needed to be used next and how many rows of it we needed.

Studies have shown that people who play video games are able to make decisions quicker and just as effectively as people who don't play video games, due to the fast nature of video games like Fifa or Call of Duty, the players need to be able to think of their feet and react to situations quickly and efficiently.

I have found from my own personal experiences that I have been able to make decisions fairly quickly and efficiently when I have been playing video games.

How video games can improve productivity

Video games can also help improve employee productivity. During lunch breaks, people who enjoy playing video games can go to a special room in the office and be able to unwind and chat with people who have a similar interest to them and be able to have a laugh, which will help them be more relaxed when working and be able to get more work done.

I also found that whenever I play video games, I am generally more willing to do household chores because I want to keep my hands moving and also generally do better. I've also found that playing video games puts me in a better mood because it's a good way for me to blow off steam and be able to just feel more relaxed. Video games has also been a good way to cure boredom and be able to think clearer about certain situations.

As well as productivity, I have found playing games such as Minecraft have helped me improve my creativity and logical thinking. This has helped me be able to think in different ways to solve a variety of problems, both at work and at home.


After I have shown the pros and cons of people playing video games, I strongly believe that if used in the right way, gamers can be a strong part of the work force and can contribute strongly to projects.

Also, even though most employers think that having games systems in the building is a bad idea, more employers are starting to have them because it can bring people together and can boost morale significantly, especially between male workers. It can also increase competitiveness between the workers, which if in a sales job, can be beneficial for both the workers and the company because they are achieving better targets. It can also be beneficial because the employees feel more relaxed and are more focused on their work afterwards.

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    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Very unique article you got here, some video games allow you to think on your feet when dealing with a difficult task.