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Why Gmail is Perfect for Staying in Touch with your Customers when Running a Small Bussiness

Updated on February 17, 2013

Google Mail

How to successfully use Gmail in your Business

When managing a small business it is vital for customers to have the advantage of staying in touch easily. You may want to provide customers the opportunity to sign up to your business mailing list , this way you can send them emails regarding the latest products, exclusive coupons, business updates, promotional offers, and any other beneficial information. Coming across software to sending emails, storing customer contact information, sending birthday emails, and keeping organized may be challenging. Gmail now offers all these necessities in a single application, and it is free to use!


Getting advanced with Gmail is a bit work, but once you get the hang of it there will be so much time saved. The first step is to attain a membership; this is easy, simply go to and click sign up. Consider including your business name to the email being created, to ensure your mailing list knows you aren’t sending spam. Our boutique determined our email to be Poshbytori, so our customers know it is POSH by Tori BOUTIQUE sending the email. The next step is obtaining a mailing list, you can design a box at the checkout counter with cut out paper that accommodates customers to include their name, birth date, and email address for a mailing list slip. At POSH by Tori Boutique we provide a space for customers to include their name, email, birth date, and clothing size. Once you acquire a considerable amount of contact cards, add them to your Gmail contacts list.

Getting to your Gmail contacts is basic, once logged in to Gmail look on the top left corner and you will see a button saying Gmail with a down arrow next to it, click it and a list will appear allowing to click contacts. To add a contact press the button with the little person and a plus next to it, from here you will be able to input any information you would like to. If you want to add a space to input something such as size like POSH by Tori does, click new and custom.


Once the above is accomplished, consider sending birthday emails with a personalized coupon, or maybe even just a friendly birthday wish to make your customer feel extraordinary. Luckily Gmail makes this extremely easy! To see exact dates of contacts birthdays, go to the very top of the Gmail page and click calendar.

Once in your calendar, you can choose to see the birthdays for the week, month, or just the dates birthdays are on. The birthday email can be designed using a third-party application such as Photoshop or even Microsoft Word to make the emails look professional, give them character, and personalization.


The easiest to use, for beginners to dazzle up emails is using a Word document. To start it is best to add a background for the base of the email, whether it is a simple eye catching color, or a picture (make sure you can read the words going over the picture). The next step is to add your message over the color or picture you have chosen, get creative but make sure everything is legible to whom the message will be sent to.

Once you are accomplished in developing the email you want to be sent using the Word document, take a screen shot of the image you have created. Taking a screen shot is not complex, if you are working on Windows search for “Snipping Tool” in your START menu, this allows you to select the area you want to save as a picture, then click save! If you are on a MAC, hold down Command-Shift-4 and select the area to capture. Once you have saved your image, simply drag the work you have created into the email and you are done! Save this email for future birthday wishes to other contacts.


After exploring Gmail, you will become a pro at coming across features you can use to benefit your company. Gmail is a great resource to manage things for a small business, be patient and in no time you will be a Gmail expert.


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