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Why start-ups choose funny website names?

Updated on September 18, 2014

A couple of weeks back, one of the leading media houses of India published a slide show, which showcased funny website names for silver screen's super stars. And the editors actually worked overtime to think the craziest and wackiest website name suggestions for India's favourite movie stars. For example, suggested website names for Shah Rukh Khan are:,,, For Salman Khan, the list goes like,,, and For Abhishek Bachchan, fun continues with,,,,,

Well, under this humorous take, one thing that catches my attention is that none of the website names is irrelevant to the personality traits of those actors. This is the key to success in business as well. How relevant your website name is! No matter how crazy name you choose. As a matter of fact, crazy has become the new serious. After checking number of websites that boast that stupid-sounding names, it seems that this could be the best possible way to draw attention of many eyeballs. After all, this is business! But why entrepreneurs choose such funny, crazy, stupid names for their business?

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They Stand Out, Don't They?

One of the primary goals of any start-up is to stand out of the crowd. According to latest figures, there are more than 252 million domain names registered on internet. And your start-up is just one small addition to this ocean of business entities flourishing or fading every day. Hence, your immediate need is to break this clutter to stand out of that mass. Your creative, crazy website name can help you in great deal. This will surely put you above the peck; moreover, it will smooth your marketing path as you can craft unique message to your customers at large.


Today, brands are spending millions of bucks to grab people's attention. Corporates have fatty media plans, they rope in celebrities to endorse their products & services only to catch eyeballs of customers, who will buy products. Obviously, a start-up won't be able to do this just because it's a start-up. It has to run its operations on shoe-string budget. Hence, they should come up with innovative ideas to launch their start-up. People love to read something interesting, no matter what the size of content is. Your website name is perhaps your briefest introduction to your customers. Hence, it has to be attention-grabbing to create viral effects. There are many ways people like to share things with one another; there are emails, SMSs, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more. If your website name has that value, chances are that your web address becomes a rage online.


While creating a unique name for your website, you might be writing a history in the world of web. When Google was registered by its founders, they didn't know that the word will find a strong place in the history of world wide web. It is no more a brand name, but has gained the value of a Noun and Verb in English-speaking countries as people use this in their daily conversation, “Why don't you Google this keyword?” Interestingly, Google was a misspelling of a word Googol, the number one followed by one hundred zeros, which was picked to signify that the search engine was intended to provide large quantities of information. Most of the times, such names come into existence by mere accidents. However, experts intentionally devise names by twisting spellings of popular names.

Couple of Examples

Google and Yahoo! are no more considered crazy as they have well past their prime. So here, I would like to list some lesser popular names who made the grade in their respective business areas. Funtoosh, Samosapedia, Flickr, Yext, Shodogg, Tumblr, Thrillist, Mibblio, Mashable, Fritinancy, and more.

Facebook Buys Indian Startup Little Eye Labs

After zeroing on what kind of business you want to kick start, now it's time to register a suitable domain name for your start-up. Getting the right domain name has now become easier as a new top-level domain is coming up online; it's Dot Triple O (.OOO) operated by, one of the largest and fast growing e-commerce portals in India.


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