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Are You Dealing With a Workplace Bully?

Updated on March 12, 2020
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Linda writes articles on a variety of genre's; poetry, recipes, mental health, health & wellness and personal stories about her life.

Work Place Bully


Workplace Bully Statistics according to PRNewswire

Statistics on work place bullying done in MENLO PARK, Calif., Sept. 15, 2015

According to recent research from staffing firm OfficeTeam, about one in three (35 percent) workers surveyed admitted they've had an office bully. More than one-quarter (27 percent) of human resources (HR) managers interviewed said they think workplace bullying happens at least somewhat often at their company.

When employees were asked how they responded to a bully, 32 percent stated they confronted the person. Another 27 percent told their manager, and 17 percent did nothing.

Research on Work Bullying

I felt compelled to write about the topic of 'women bullies in the work place' because it recently hit close to home in my life. Before I go into my personal story, I'd like to shed a little light on the topic as it relates to the research.

Some of the Research

Unfortunately, research indicates that being bullied at work is prevalent in today's society. According to Psychologist, Dr. Gary Namie, co-founder of "Workplace Bullying Institute," 35% of Americans have reported being bullied at their jobs. I was surprised to learn that workplace bullying is four times more common than sexual harassment and racial discrimination. A major problem with this work force epidemic, is that there are no anti-bullying laws in place like there is for sexual harassment or racial discrimination. This poses a logical question of how one handle's the situation if he/she finds herself/himself in it.

Most of the research I found was pretty straight forward about how to handle it. First, after attempting to work things out with no resolve, file a complaint. If your being bullied at work, document it in some way. Whether it's writing down events in a notebook (so you can keep track of it) or having a tape recorder on, get some evidence. The next step is going to your supervisor's boss or superior and sharing your experience. Be careful about how you go about this. Most agencies or supervisor's will have doubts on your claims if you pose them with a relationship slant. Instead, bring out the sick time you've had to take or how your work is suffering, due to the bullying. This will help to ensure your claims will not be taken as your character flaw or inability to get along with others. In some dysfunctional agencies or cases, your reporting will fall on deaf ears and often times escalate the bullies anger. This is when it's time to say, "enough is enough." There is no job or money in the world, worth putting up with abusive and bullying behavior. It negatively affects your physical and mental health and well-being.

Work Bullies

Have you ever Been Bullied at your Work Place

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Personal Story on Work Bullying

I decided to write about this topic after watching my sister suffer with an abusive supervisor. After working as a 'Director of Volunteers' for nine years at a Social Service Agency, she was given a new supervisor. The woman lacked the skills necessary to be put in a position to supervise anyone, much less my capable sister. She was unprofessional, inexperienced and a 'first class' bully. My sister did everything right-after several attempts at working things out with the new supervisor, she filed a 'formal' complaint. Unfortunately, after showing the courage to make the complaint, the bullying escalated, and her life at work became a living hell. I wont even repeat the cruel, humiliating, belittling, demeaning, sarcastic things she said to my sister.

Although my sister is the primary breadwinner of this family, she had the courage and self-love to leave the company. She is a woman of great faith and knew the Lord would guide her. He would not want his daughter spending one more day in that dark and toxic environment. She was given a severance package, and when that ended, received unemployment insurance. I am happy and proud to report that she found a new job only a few months after leaving the hostile environment. She makes significantly more money, doesn't wear several hats as she did at her last job, but most importantly, she is treated with the respect a professional like her deserves.

*Life is too short to work in a hostile environment*

© 2013 Linda Rogers


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