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Won the Lottery? What Would You Spend It On?

Updated on July 5, 2018
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What Would You Do If You Won the Lottery?

Just imagine that you've won the lottery. Suddenly, you have millions of dollars and might be wondering what to do with it all. To go from being poor or middle class to being super-wealthy can be a shock.

When over 700 people were surveyed on Facebook about what they would do if they won the lottery, there were some surprising answers. I've sorted their answers into categories. Just browse through and see which ones appeal to you.

Probably you have some ideas of your own, perhaps some dreams waiting to become reality. Add your input in the comments section at the end.

Many People Choose to Improve Their Basic Situation

The first thing that comes to their mind is to buy a car and a home if they don't have those. The ones who already have a car and a home wanted to pay off the car loan and the home mortgage.

Replacing their old car with a new one if often mentioned.

Then people start to think more widely and add details to their car and home situation.

  • Debbie would get a country home with pasture land and four beautiful horses.
  • Kathy has privacy concerns so she would get a ten-foot high fence around my yard and caller ID.
  • Jim would pay his debts, then buy a farm and with it a bigger house and then 2 new SUV's.
  • Barbara wants a house on the beach.
  • Janice would like a small house with a yard where I can plant veggies and flowers and where my dog can run.
  • Steve says he would buy a car. Then he would drive around the country looking for remote land and a cabin with a small helicopter in case of emergency flight to hospital. Get with delivery company to deliver supplies and then he would marry a woman who wants to live the same way.
  • Sandy R. wants to pay off every bill/debt she owes including mortgage and put both of our older vehicles into the shop for a full going over to update anything needed........and then arrange to anonymously do the same for each of her family and close friends. "Then I would slowly start hiring people to update my home with all the small (and some larger) remodeling changes I have had in the planning stage over the decade since purchasing this home."

What Would You Do First with Your Winnings?

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My family would use some of the money to get me a nice funeral because if I won the lottery, I'd fall over dead

— JoAnn

Many Dream of a Log Cabin in the Mountains

This surprised me when I saw how many people wanted something like this. Maybe it is to escape the daily rat race that is their life or get back to a simpler time.
This surprised me when I saw how many people wanted something like this. Maybe it is to escape the daily rat race that is their life or get back to a simpler time. | Source

People Want to Help Family with Their Winnings

  • Vina wanted to buy home for her sons.
  • Julia wanted to pay off all the family homes (presumably for her children and parents)
  • Jesse would get a house for a son-in-law and daughter, then secure college funds for the grandchildren
  • Linda M. wants mutual funds, lots of them to provide a legacy for her family. "College funds for my descendants, financial security into infinity for my loved ones."

The appeal of living mortgage-free seems pretty universal and extending that benefit to parents and children.

Would You Use Some Winnings to Help Your Family

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Sadly, Some Had Unmet Health Needs That They Needed Money For

  • Sachi would get the finest set of dentures ever made for a friend who cannot afford them and is growing less and less well nourished.
  • Linda would get a one-story house so she didn't have so much problems with her COPD.
  • Jeff needs a new kidney.
  • Mark would pay for heart medicine and then buy a new truck.
  • Debbie wants a handicap accessible home for her elderly parents.

Some Have Charitable Ideas

  • Barb wants to save all the shelter animals that she can.
  • Jim would start some kind of program to take care of the needy starving military and elderly in our country. When he sees an elderly person eating at a restaurant counting their money to pay the bill, he would go pick it up and pay for it!
  • Linda would take care of homeless and abused animals as well as her own children.
  • Toni wants to donate to food pantries after paying off all her kids' houses and putting all the grandkids in private schools.
  • Bob would like to help working people who are struggling and just need a little boost to stay on their feet.
  • Klema wants to set up a food truck to feed the needy in our community
  • Darshan wants to provide food, clothes, and shelter for poor and homeless children and old people.
  • Betty H. would help Homeless Veterans, Get em off the streets and give them the healthcare they need.
  • Sharon wants a big ranch in New Mexico with cabins for my mom and daughters. Then she would start a refuge for wild horses and burros.
  • Jean would set up a resort for victims of sexual abuse.
  • Latsy would fund a place where addicts and alcoholics can go to get cleaned up free of charge and with free counseling for a chance at bettering their lives. Also a place for abused neglected, lost or abandoned Animals like a sanctuary for them and you would be able to adopt them. They would be well taken care of with plenty of space for each animal ! "Also, a safe place for abused children, women, or men with high security so the idiots that did this to them NEVER TOUCH OR HARM THEM AGAIN !!!!! "
  • Diane dreams of acres of land all over the country along with tiny houses to house the homeless vets and others. There would be community land so that they may grow foods and feed themselves. A healthy homeless person will not have as much illness.

I'd get a stack of one hundred dollar bills and go around giving them to the needy.

— Tom

Helping Those in Need


I'd get my husband a lung transplant.

— Beverly

Many People Want to Travel If They Win Lots of Money

  • Doug would take a good holiday with his wife and boys and their wives and his grandkids.
  • Jenna wants to go to Timbuktu.
  • Peg would buy a big new fifth wheel to tour our great country!
  • Jackie wants a trip around the world.
  • Ester would take a trip to Israel see the Holy Land before she dies.

A Few Have Very Modest Plans

  • Elizabeth C. said, "if I would win the lottery the first big thing I would do is give back to the Lord, then I would buy myself a new mobile home to put on my land to live in with my little dog and my cat."
  • Mandy would like a dinner out and then pay off bills.
  • Albert says he needs a contractor to finish all his projects.
  • Sandy wants a purebred Maine coon kitten and tickets to see the first home Packer game of the season this year for my hubby.

© 2018 Virginia Allain


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