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Words Represent Who We Are - Tips for Effective Communication and Messaging

Updated on April 6, 2012
Be the frog!!!
Be the frog!!! | Source

Our world has quickly become technologically dependent. While our lives have become easier in many ways, it has also added confusion and created spanking new problems, including no escape from your work, family and friends. What a treat for all of us, right?

I would like to share a few tips regarding business and even personal communication.

  • Social media has added a new element of misspelling words and the complete lack of proper grammar and punctuation. I know the younger generation has developed a new language via text message and social media, but it's important that everyone learn that clear communication is not possible without quality writing. I can just imagine my daughter completing her first job application with, "Yo, I is Lily n I wnt a gud jb." What will happen to my poor baby?
  • Many of us utilize email, instant messaging, and text messaging to correspond with friends, family and other acquaintances. We may need a reminder from time to time that business correspondence should be handled delicately as well. We are a representative of the our company and ourselves when communicating. Believe it or not, people form an immediate opinion of you as reflected through your writing. Keep this in mind and think about how you want others to perceive you.
  • There are common components to communication that convey a sense of dignity and respect for your client or friend. Typically this means that the correspondence will include a proper greeting, a clear message free of spelling errors and it invites open communication with the recipient. 
  • How many times have I received messages that do not address me directly and jump right into the message? Many times, that's how many. How do I know it is for me? Am I just another person receiving the communication who doesn't really matter? Am I an afterthought on the plate of this person's life? It doesn't take much time to just add a person's name or even a greeting such as, "Dear, Hello or To." Take that extra second to address your recipient.
  • Give spell check a chance. Take that extra moment to check your spelling. This could be the difference between saying, "Here is the stable towing where each person will tit. I'll call you at six o'cock" and "Here is the table showing where each person will sit. I'll call you at six o'clock." Those are very different messages. 
  • Use a proper and respectful closing. It's always nice to reflect upon your message and determine how you want to close your communication. Is there something you want the recipient to do? Are you going to follow up with them or do you need them to contact you? Also, it never hurt anyone to close with, "Take care, talk to you soon, or warmly" followed by your name. You want to leave your recipient with warm fuzzies or at least the feeling that they matter.

Correspondence is a key to the development of long term personal and business relationships. Take a moment to think about how you communicate and how you represent yourself online, through text messaging, and through email. If you start employing these methods, before you know it, you will be using these tips without thinking about it at all. This will not only make life easier and correspondence more clear, but it just makes good sense. It will also keep you from inadvertently making an appearance on a website poking fun at your mistakes. Go for it and be the best you possible!!!


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    • delaneyworld profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Peoria, Arizona

      Thanks Krinky! I think it is important, especially in business and with kids just starting out. :) Thanks for reading!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      We can all use tips on email etiquette. Thank you for your information.


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