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Work for the Best Company in the World

Updated on August 23, 2013
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Kris Manley is a blogger, author, and speaker. She's a guest on radio in the U.S., Canada, and overseas, as well as a guest on network TV.

Happy Employees
Happy Employees

When in hot pursuit for a job we need to be discriminate, but nowadays people are taking any job without paying attention to what the company has to offer them, or people are not clear about company benefits and/or perks. Before job interviews have a list of benefits you want and/or need from your prospective employer. Now grant you, you will not find out about all benefits and/or perks until you're hired, but at least prioritize the most important benefits that fit you and your family's needs. A smart thing to do is to research specific companies or if you know an employee that works for a company that interests you, ask the employee about their company's benefits. People with spouses and children have different benefit needs than people who are not married and have no children. There is not perfect a company, but some have and do come close.


Let's take a look at the best company in the world in which to work

  • One that recognizes all government holidays and not requires their employees to work those holidays. Preferably having Christmas Eve off.
  • Recognizes employees' birthdays as a holiday and pays them for it.
  • Gives bereavement days, preferably 3 days, all paid. This includes immediate family members - Mom, Dad, siblings, Grandparents.
  • Rewards employees for saving the company money in the areas of quality, safety, efficiency, supplies, man-hours, labor-hours, etc.
  • Has an employee voice survey to get the "pulse" of how things are going on the job. The employee voice survey should include a "how the boss is doing" section along with "how are your being treated" section.
  • Have a "true" open-door policy for discussions.
  • One that has employee meetings to discuss opportunities within employees' sphere of influence and/or control.
  • One that has a 1-800 number for employees to call if they have a concern.
  • One that has a 24/7 nurse hotline - for employees with children this would help a lot.
  • One that has a free beverage bar serving coffee or tea.
  • One that gives employees access to free legal advice through company lawyers.
  • One that has annual raises, no matter how small.
  • One that has a gift shop - I worked for a company that had one.
  • One that has 100% tuition reimbursement.
  • One that has an employee lounge with sofas for break and lunch times.
  • One that has an on-site Post Office - I worked for a company that had a real Post Office on-site.
  • One that provides the tools necessary for employees to do their jobs - sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get a company to give you what you need to get your job done.
  • One that pays for company travel expenses upfront through a company credit card. Some companies ask that you charge all of your expenses on your personal credit card, then when you return from doing the company's business you can submit an expense report for all of your expenses incurred. That bites!
  • One that has a daycare center on site, and charges a reduced fee for employees. The fees can be taken out of employees' paychecks.
  • One that has free meals at their cafeteria - I worked for a company that had this. The facility was located in the boondocks so it was hard for employees to go eat off-site, if they wanted to, and then come back to work.
  • A company that has a Credit Union with low interest rates.
  • One that has a TV in the breakroom set on a News channel - to keep employees connected to the world while at work.
  • One that has an on-site clothes cleaners.
  • One that has an on-site doctor’s office.
  • One that has an on-site gym including, a track.
  • One that has a walking trail on the property.
  • Recognizes employee achievements.
  • Encourages a team environment.
  • Training for new hires takes place during the week, and not on the weekend
  • For employees who take public transportation, pay for their bus and/or train passes.
  • Provide employees with Christmas and Thanksgiving Dinners.
  • Hourly employees get annual bonuses, not just members of management. Bonuses should be based on company performance.
  • Allows a certain number of paid sick days.
  • One that has a work week of no more than 40 hours for salaried employees. Some companies require their management staff work more than 40 hours a week, and for some that would pose a problem due to family.
  • Has the following vacation schedule:

- Two weeks of vacation when hired

- Three weeks of vacation after 5 years of employment

- Four weeks of vacation after 8 years of employment

- Five weeks of vacation after 10 years of employment

- Seven weeks of vacation after 15 + years of employment

Crisis Action Plan
Crisis Action Plan | Source

A good company should have a Crisis Action Plan

Companies that have these policies are particularly mindful of their employees, and every company employee should be made aware of these types of policies through their company training. A good company posts these in high traffic areas for all employees to read. If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters, ask about a company Inclement Weather Policy and Land Disaster Policy for earthquakes or mud slides. These policies should outline key employees responsible for contacting other employees on whether or not to attempt to come to work in case of a natural disaster. These company policies should have a website to visit to obtain updated information on company operations, closings, or limited work day. Of course, if all communication is down during a time of disaster employees should use good judgment to protect themselves and their families.

A company's Crisis Action Plan may include the following emergencies, and explanations on how they will be handled:

  • Arson
  • Bomb Threats
  • Labor Issues
  • Accidents
  • Pandemic
  • Environmental Issues
  • Death
  • Flood
  • Other Natural Disasters
  • Boycott
  • Employee Violence
  • Ammonia Leak
  • Product Tampering
  • Food Security
  • Product Recall
  • Fire

Inclement Weather
Inclement Weather | Source

A good company should have an Inclement Weather Policy

In the event that severe weather may interrupt normal operations at a company there should be procedures in place to ensure product and/or services are delivered and/or provided to customers in a safe and timely manner, and at the same time keep the company's employees safe. This policy should outline key employees who are responsible for staff communications. The policy should outline key employees who would be willing to reside at a company apartment, if close to company operations, or to stay at a hotel close to company operations, in order to oversee operations. Each employee should have a copy of what the company considers inclement weather with the information placed on a small wallet sized laminated card.

Evacuation Route
Evacuation Route | Source

A good company should have Evacuation Drills

Some companies, especially if they have hazardous work, have practice evacuation drills. This is especially important if there is a company daycare center on site where rounding up children can be a challenge. Employees can get involved and participate by volunteering as Evacuation Team Leaders. The Evacuation Drill can be performed once a quarter or four times a year and should be done in a timely manner.

It's ok to dream to work for the best company in the world



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    • Kristine Manley profile imageAUTHOR

      Donna Kristine 

      5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thanks Dave, this is a good website to find reviews for restaurants in which to work.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      For waiters and bartenders, a good way to find the perfect job is

      They recently upgraded the whole site, so when there are more reviews this will be the best site for restaurant workplace reviews.

    • Kristine Manley profile imageAUTHOR

      Donna Kristine 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Hi cclitgirl - good for you. I can be a total workaholic too.

    • cclitgirl profile image

      Cynthia Calhoun 

      6 years ago from Western NC

      Kristine - If I EVER found a company like that, I would WORK FOR THEM IN A HEARTBEAT. I just left teaching to work at home - we haven't had raises, the work is grueling, there's hardly any recognition, you work long hours and then they cut our pay. For that and so many other reasons, I couldn't take it any more. Working at home has its own challenges, but the best thing is that I don't need a boss telling me to work. I have my own crazy work ethic - I admit I can be a total workaholic. Thanks for sharing this. :)

    • Kristine Manley profile imageAUTHOR

      Donna Kristine 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I'm still looking for that company, too. LOL!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      6 years ago

      I would very much like to apply to this company as I know I would be very happy there! Great profile for what makes a company successful and creates productive, loyal employees.


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