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Work from Home Reviews to Avoid Scams

Updated on September 9, 2010

Work from Home Reviews to Avoid Scams

Jobs are hard to come by these days, but it doesn’t mean that you have to fall to the millions of work-at-home scams that victimize desperate job seekers every day. There are a lot of them popping up on the once legitimate online classified ads so that many people are fooled to thinking that the offers are legitimate too. However, before signing up or sending money to these scammers, read some work from home reviews written by bloggers, news agencies, and concern agencies first.

There are agencies such as the Better Business Bureau whose work at home reviews save people from illegitimate companies that are supposedly hiring people in exchange for some cash. Business and individuals can use the bureau to search for information about the company and find out whether it’s duly registered or not. The Better Business Bureau keeps contact information, previous complaints record if any, about a company, which you can use to determine the trustworthiness of the work-at-home company hiring you. However, there are instances that the hiring company has no record in the Better Business Bureau; this does not automatically mean that the company is fraudulent.

And a dedicated forum sites such as, which discusses all sorts of online scams is another place to start protecting yourself from scammers. Participants on a forum like this are fellow online job seekers or scam victims who bonded together and write work from home reviews from their own experiences. Interaction is provided among the forum users so that you can learn from other people’s experiences and not fall as victim yourself. The best part is you can directly ask help from people who have successfully found legitimate work-at-home opportunities by joining an online forum like this too.

Although determining a scam from legitimate offer takes time, there are obvious signs of fraudulent work-at-home job offers that can help you determine scam from the beginning. Job or business opportunity offers that promise big money without needing initial investment or much effort should be shun immediately – it’s the classic red flag for scams! It also pays to know that legitimate work-at-home hiring process is not very far removed from in-office job hiring: you have to undergo an interview process to prove your worth to the company and not pay some money to be hired. Aside from work from home reviews, your gut instinct is your number one protection against fraud; if you have some reason to believe the offer is fraudulent, then don’t pursue it.


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